Harry Maguire to face full retrial, an appeal against conviction lodged

Having appealed against his conviction in Greece, the Manchester United skipper is again innocent until proven guilty and is on course to face a retrial. 

Harry Maguire will be facing a full retrial after appealing against a conviction by a Greek court. Maguire was charged and found guilty of aggravated assault and repeated attempts at bribery at a misdemeanors court in Syros on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old denied all charges against him and was accompanied by two other defendants following an incident that involved police while he was on holiday on the nearby island of Mykonos. 

Manchester United have also confirmed that Maguire’s legal representatives have lodged an appeal and according to Greek law, the initial conviction is thus nullified and a full retrial “in a more senior court” will be conducted.

Harry Maguire arrested on Greek island after alleged incident with police
Harry Maguire      credits: yahoo

The club released an official statement on Wednesday that said, “An appeal against yesterday’s verdict was lodged this morning by Harry’s legal team. In accordance with the Greek judicial process, the filing of an appeal extinguishes the initial court verdict and nullifies the conviction. 

The appeal has been accepted and will lead to a full retrial in a more senior court.  This means that Harry has no criminal record and is once again presumed innocent until proven guilty. Accordingly, he is not subject to travel restrictions.”

The only news in favor of Maguire has been that he will most probably remain the captain of Manchester United after a lot of speculations were made that the defender will be stripped off. Maguire was also dropped from the England National squad and Gareth Southgate justified his decision by saying that it is “in the best interest of all parties.”

However, Yoannis Paradissis, the lawyer who assisted the prosecution in the case, told Sky News that the victims were awaiting an apology and had Maguire and company apologized, “I do not think the matter would have arrived here.”

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