How Was Simone Biles Childhood Like?

Simone Biles is more than just a gymnastics phenomenon; she’s an overcomer. The 24-year-old athlete opened up about her childhood hardships, adoption, and family in the third episode of her Facebook Watch Series, “Simone vs. Herself,” as reported by Fox News.

During an episode — titled “Who am I?” — Biles shared details about the vital role of her biological grandparents turned adoptive parents. She unfolds how they helped her become the athlete and person she is today.

Biles’ Early Struggles

How Was Simone Biles Childhood Like?
 Simone Biles (Credit - Wikipedia)

Biles’ biological mother struggled with drinking and drugs, leaving her incapable to care for her four children. As a kid, Biles recalled struggling with hunger under the care of her biological mother. “Growing up, me and my siblings were so focused on food because we didn’t have a lot of food,” Biles mentioned as per Today.

Due to these strenuous circumstances, Biles and her siblings were placed in the foster care system. This decision came after a neighbor reported the situation, and a social worker intervened. “I don’t remember a lot about foster care, but I definitely knew that we had been taken from our biological mom and then you just think you’re going to go back to her,” she shared via Today.

Despite the uncertainty of foster care, Biles considers herself privileged in one significant aspect: “We were very fortunate that we actually got to stay with our siblings because a lot of the time you either get regrouped from home to home to home or you and your siblings get split up,” she stated. Staying with her siblings dispensed a sense of continuity and support during a chaotic period.

A Turning Point

The significant change in Biles’ life came when she and her younger sister Adria were adopted by their mother’s parents. The girls moved to Texas to live with their grandparents. This shift marked a significant pivotal moment for Biles, offering her the stability and support she needed to thrive.

Moving in with her grandparents set Biles on a “better route” for her life, according to Yahoo Sports. This new environment provided the structure and encouragement that would allow her to pursue gymnastics at the highest levels. Reflecting on her journey, Biles said, “I would still be Simone Biles, probably not Simone Biles that everybody else knows, the world knows. But I also believe everything happens for a reason and I’m forever grateful for that because I definitely got a second shot at life.”

The Impact of Family Support

Biles' story highlights the intense impact of family support in overcoming hardship. Her grandparents, who became her adoptive parents, played a significant role in her development both as an athlete and as a person. Their mentorship and love gave her the foundation she required to excel.

In her Facebook Watch series, Biles emphasizes the significance of her family's support. The shift to living with her grandparents not only provided her with the stability she needed but also allowed her to develop the discipline and drive that would later define her gymnastics career.


Simone Biles’ childhood was marked by prominent challenges, including her biological mother’s struggles with addiction and the instability of foster care. Nevertheless, the intervention of her grandparents, who adopted her and her sister, provided the turning point that set her on the path to becoming a world-renowned gymnast. Biles' story is an evidence to determination and the transformative power of family support, showing how she overcame early challenges to achieve greatness.

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