ISL: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?

Bengaluru FC’s Monirul Molla has a bright future in ISL with his pace and skills.

Bengaluru FC’s performance in this season’s Indian Super League (ISL) have not been up to the usual lofty standards that they have set for themselves. They failed to secure a top-six position despite having  a squad filled to the brim with seasoned veterans like Sunil Chhetri, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu and Nikhil Poojary. Although this  campaign will largely be discounted as a disappointing outing, the emergence of 18-year-old Monirul Molla has provided a glimmer of hope and excitement for the future and gives the fans something to look forward to. 

While Molla didn’t set the world alight in any ISL matches, his output in the Reliance Foundation Development League have garnered a lot of eyeballs among the Indian Scouts and maybe  beyond. His skill-set, characterized by nimble footwork, sharp vision and an eye for goal, showcases immense potential and excites the neutral as well as BFC fans and staff.

Scouting Report

ISL: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?
Monirul Molla (Credit - ISL)

Career and Performances

Monirul Molla, born on May 1, 2005, hails from West Bengal, India, and currently  attached with Bengaluru Football Club as a forward. A product of the Karnataka State Football Association, Molla’s journey into the football limelight  started with  him putting up impressive numbers and standout performances in the Reliance Foundation Development League. 

Scouting Report: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?
Hamil(Left) Monirul Molla (Right)  (Credits- ISL)

Despite limited opportunities in the ISL 2023-24 season, he showcased what he can offer with a hat-trick for Bengaluru FC in the RFDL National Group Stage opener against Kerala Blasters, securing a 4-1 victory. In total, he has a tally of five goals to his name which places him as the top goal scorer in this ongoing Reliance Foundation Development League National Group stage, in which Bengaluru FC are in Group A. The performance highlights his capability to make an impact.

Statistics (ISL 2023-24)

Scouting Report: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?
Credits- Khel Now 

Playing Style

Scouting Report: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?
Monirul Molla (Credits - ISL)

Monirul Molla’s playing style is highlighted by versatility and dynamism being key aspects to his game which makes him a dream player for managers. While he primarily operates on the right wing, he also excels as a striker, posing a constant threat to opposing defences. His gameplay revolves around making  clever incisive runs, exploiting gaps in the defence, and utilising his deceptive dribbling skills to outfox defenders which showcases that he is someone who also possesses technique along with football IQ and does not solely rely on pace. 

Molla possesses the intelligence to execute short one-touch passes and dummies effectively, further enhancing his team’s attacking prowess. However, his finishing ability is an area for improvement which ether means he will drop back as a false 9 or his finishing will catch up as he progresses and this would not be an issue in the future. Despite this, his ability to  break defensive lines and create space for himself remains a standout feature of his game. While displaying promise, Molla still has room to grow tactically and must develop greater maturity to consistently impact matches at a higher level and it a also remains to be seen whether he can replicate the same advantages at senior level or not ? 

Future Prospects

Scouting Report: Who is Bengaluru FC's bright talent Monirul Molla?
Credits - ISL Official

Monirul Molla’s future is bright there is absolutely no doubt about that. At just 18-year-old, he stands on the brink of a promising football career. With his versatility, agility, and sharp attacking instincts, Molla  has allthe raw talent, the right tools to make a significant impact at both domestic and potentially international levels. While he currently plies his trade for Bengaluru FC reserves, his sights are set on broader horizons to potentially break into their ISL mold  and carve out a place for himself or even better.

Focused on his development, Molla is currently sharpening his skills in the Reliance Development League, aiming to solidify his place in the team and further refine his game. His ultimate aspiration as any other Indian footballer undoubtedly lies in the Indian Super League (ISL), where he aims to prove his credentials on a bigger stage.

Cover Credits - ISL

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