Kingfisher Shootout Season 1 with Sunil Chhetri, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, and Juanan Gonzalez

Kingfisher and Bengaluru FC presented to all football enthusiasts a once in a lifetime opportunity to live their dream at the Kingfisher Shootout Season 1, which took place yesterday, at Orion Mall, Bengaluru. 

Taking the football frenzy and excitement forward, a few lucky fans were given a chance to play penalty shootout with their favorite footballers – Sunil Chhetri, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, and Juanan Gonzalez from the Bengaluru FC team.

Fans witnessed the three favorites in action with their best strikes and defensive skills over a penalty shootout.16 winners were selected through an online contest which ran across Kingfisher World’s social media handles. 

Followers were asked to curate their own chant to support Bengaluru Football Club. The lucky winners received a chance to meet and play with the footballers. Some winners were also selected through on-ground activities. 

The winners from the shootout got a golden chance to win tickets for the next home match of Bengaluru Football Club team. The huge crowd that gathered at the venue was seen cheering and chanting for both the players and the winners. 

To make things interesting, Indian captain Sunil Chhetri promised that whoever beat Gurpreet from that range would be treated to lunch/dinner by the former.

Gurpreet tried his best to save the penalties

When asked about the top three things that he absolutely loves about Bengaluru, Chhetri replied, "The climate, Bengaluru FC and the fans". 

The Indian goalkeeper, meanwhile, was all sport as he encouraged the contestants and termed it a great opportunity to engage with the fans as they are very important to him. 

The players were seen displaying their finest football skills and having a delightful time with the crowd in Bengaluru. The Kingfisher Shootout has received an overwhelming response with a huge turnout.

The event also had a brief Q&A session with the stars. People from the media as well as some contestants couldn't help but pick the Indian duo's brains.

Sunil Chhetri was presented with a portrait of himself

When asked about how many international goals he wants to score, and does he have a number in mind, Chettri replied, "I have no number in my mind. When I started playing for my country, I never thought that I was going to score 72 goals. I have no long-term targets. I want to do as good as possible. I don't want to stop".

The three of them answered a few more questions and talked about ISL, Indian football and what lies ahead.

Commenting on the occasion Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Head Marketing, UBL said “Kingfisher has a long standing association with the defending champions of ISL, Bengaluru FC. The army in blue are seen to have the most enthusiastic football followers, and in the spirit of Good Times, Kingfisher is thrilled to connect fans with the players through The Kingfisher Shootout event. The event is an opportunity for fans to get real time experience through engaging in a game of shoot-out with the players themselves.”


Featured Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

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