After LaMelo Ball's Injury, how does the NBA Rookie of the Year Ladder Stands?

Runaway NBA Rookie of the year candidate LaMelo Ball met with an unfortunate wrist injury on 23rd March 2021 against LA Clippers and which seemed to be a season-ending injury that has come down to 4-8 weeks of lay off for LaMelo which would definitely be a huge makeshift when the discussion of Rookie of the Year comes for the end of the season.

Before getting Injured, LaMelo Ball played 41 games for the Hornets Averaging 28.7 Minutes per Game, 16.0 Points Per Game, 6.1 Assists Per Game, 5.9 Rebounds Per Game, and 1.6 Steals per Game

Given the way, Charlotte Hornets were balling after the inclusion of Lamelo Ball was one to look out for and they looked locked it for their Playoffs Appearance after the 2015-16 season where they were knocked out against the Miami Heat

Looking at the current form, the Hornets look certain for a Playoff push, but let us now see the Top 5 leaving LaMelo Ball who could be favorites to win the Rookie of the Year.

Anthony Edwards - Minnesota Timberwolves 

No.1 pick in the 2020 draft, Anthony Edwards has been the pick of the year post the All-Star Break. Currently, he Averages 25.7 points post-All-Star break as compared to 14.9 points pre All-Star Break. He became the youngest player in Timberwolves history to score 30+ points where he scored 42 against Pheonix Suns.

Current Stats.


Tyrese Haliburton - Sacramento Kings 

No.12 pick by the Kings has been a surprise pick of the draft. On the season, Haliburton has been playing exceptionally well and is on the verge of a rare feat of joining the 50-40-90 club who could be the 1st rookie to do so. He currently averages 48.7% from the Field, 42.3% 3 point FG and 86.8% from the Free-Throw line. Tyrese is currently the No.2 pick for being the Rookie of the Year.

Current Stats.


Immanuel Quickly - New York Knicks

Surprise of the Year and the New York Knicks are actually a team in the East and currently at 5 seed in the Eastern Conference and have a legit shot at the Playoffs post decades if I remember. 

The team made two excellent picks in this season's Draft Lottery. No.8 Obi Toppin and No.25 pick who was traded from OKC Thunder Immanuel Quickly

Quickly took excellent advantage of Toppin's injury and has sneaked into the starting lineup with the Knicks with Derrick Rose in the Squad. 

On his draft night, he was rated highly on his shooting capabilities but has been a more advanced player than just a shooter. If the Knicks get into the playoffs, will he be considered above Edwards and Haliburton would be one to be discussed?

Current Stats


Jae'Sean Tate - Houston Rockets

A franchise that is currently confused and honestly has no clue where and how the trades are going and what are they getting in return, they are going the OKC Thunder way but with some of the weirdest trades. Tate is an experienced player who has played overseas after going undrafted in 2018 and played for the Milwaukee Bucks in the Summer League in 2018. Tate took advantage of the roster shuffle and quickly started in a few of the games in his rookie year. He is one of the most versatile rookies of the current lot who has the ability to play Small Forward, Power Forward, and even a Point Guard if required. He is the only player in the Rockets lineup that has played every game this season.

Current Stats.


Saddiq Bey - Detroit Pistons 

No.19 pick in the Draft Class of 2020 has been balling since the squad has been shuffled till the traded deadline. 

Several of the teams passed onto him, Bey becomes the 1st Rookie this season to hit 100 three's this season. His 3's aren't that surprising as in his NCAA career he was a sharpshooter from the arc. 

Post Griffins move from the Pistons to the Nets, Bey has been moved ahead in the rotation and plays regularly in the starting lineup

Current Stats 


The current Rookie of the Year Trophy looks wide open post-LaMelo Ball's injury. Has he done enough to retain his No.1 Status of is it one of the 5 that has been mentioned that will be one to look for?

Stats as per 31st March 2021

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