Liverpool announce "proactive measures" to avoid coronavirus

Liverpool have announced a number of measures, including not having mascots on the pitch before games, to help fight the growing spread of coronavirus. 

New cases are being confirmed daily in the UK, with the tally as of Thursday night climbing to 115, which was just 30 before a day. 

UK health officials are already preparing for the ‘delay’ phase in their response to the outbreak that is an action intended to slow the spread, with trying to contain it having seemingly failed. 

Liverpool, as a club have attempted to combat the spread of coronavirus by taking ‘proactive measures’ in a statement released by the club.

The first measure taken is canceling staff strips to ‘high-risk countries’, while the club has also sought to remind everyone on all their sites of good hygiene practices’ by placing notices. 

The club has also activated a health questionnaire screening for all external visitors to all the training facilities, their office locations and other community facilities that we use regularly.

The Premier League has already decided to suspend the usual handshakes that have come to define the pre-match ritual in order to minimize hand to hand contact. 

The Premier League is trying very hard not to let any game played behind closed doors. However, as per Everton’s chief financial offer, Sasha Ryazantsev, the games will be played behind closed doors soon.

This is done to prevent large gatherings, where the virus could easily spread from person to person. That has already been in action in Italy, which has been Europe’s most affected country so far. 

Serie A games have already started to take place behind closed doors and it is expected that this may continue for a while.

All the clubs are giving their best to keep their players safe and hopefully, football can resume again with fully filled stadiums and a lively atmosphere.


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