Miami Heat's Comeback: Down 3-1 in NBA

Miami Heat Down 3-1: Can Miami Heat Make a Comeback?

Despite the fact that the team is down 3-1 Heat Coach Erick Spoelstra and his squad remained confident about their team chances and said that his group would respond to the GAME 4 loss to Denver Nuggets.

It’s a must-win game for Denver Nuggets as they are 3-1 down, Erick Spoelstra said” Its fine you. You probably shouldn’t sleep tonight for any amount of time. I don’t think anyone will. We have an incredibly competitive group. We have done everything the hard way and that’s the way it's going to have to be done right now again. All we are going to focus on is getting this thing back in our way.

Everyone knows Miami Heat has been the underdogs in all of their playoff runs- They become just the second No.8 seed in NBA history to advance to the finals.

Spoelstra said we get an opportunity to play a super competitive game in a great environment. Our guys are built for it. They love that, we understand what the narrative will be, but that’s the way it is with our team.

Miami Heat Superstar is confident and has a belief that the team will find a way to somehow extend the series.

When asked during the press conference after Game 4- Jimmy Butler made It simple No doubt we are going to continually fight starting from Saturday to get better and then we are going to go on Monday and do what we said we were going to do this entire time and win, we have ti. We have no other choice, otherwise, we did all of this for no reason, so the guys know, we know, we got something to do.

Buter said I think we really do believe in one another and ourselves as an individual, we have done some hard things all year long in the playoff run as well and now it's like the hardest if hard, but like we always say, you know, the things that you want id on the other side of hard is, I don’t know what.

So that's where we are at, that’s our reality, so we've got to go out and win 3 straight.

When asked to Bam Adebayo he said we have seen a team come back from 3-0 firsthand. So we just have to believe, and one game at a time.

In order to win the next 3 straight games Miami  Heat needs to keep trusting their shooters, Gabe Vincent, Max Strus, and Duncan Robinson. Gabe Vincent and Max Strus are a combined for 4 – for 27 over the past two games, Somehow they need to find a rhythm and need to find a way to turn things around quickly.

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