NBA : James Harden determined to be traded from Sixers

Seems like James Harden's stance hasn’t changed. Two weeks after Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden exercised his $35.6 million dollar player option with the team and requested a trade on June 29. The guard is still looking to be dealt with.

James Harden. Harden determined to be traded from Sixers.
James Harden (Credit - NBAofficial)

“He still wants to leave Philadelphia.” Amick wrote. “He is still upset with how Sixers GM Dary Morey handled his situation heading into possible free agency last month.

‘’ And even with the recent revelation that Harden attended the same NBPA party as Sixers co-star Joel Embiid and former Sixers owner Michael Rubin in Vegas, he is still determined to start the next season in a Clippers jersey.

Furthermore, this is significant news for the LA Clippers front office as they can use Harden’s wants to their advantage. They essentially create leverage, which may lead Philadelphia to accept whatever trade offer is on the table.

Moreover, the LA Clippers must include Norman Powell and Terence Mann, Additionally, a draft pick and an expiring contract may also be involved to meet the asking price.

If the LA Clippers make the acquisition, they will easily be considered the favorites to win the stacked Western Conference.

The 10-time All-star averaged 21 points and 10.7 assists during the 2022-2023 NBA season and was a key part in helping Embiid win his long-awaited MVP award.

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