NBA: Damian Lillard Trade Update - Latest News and Rumors

                                             NBA: Damian Lillard Trade Update

Ever since Damian Lillard expressed his intention to join Miami Heat, the trade speculations have been endless, The Miami Heat has a key interest in a potential deal that is holding things up.

“The Heat has already said goodbye to Gabe Vincent and Max Strus in free agency after their NBA Finals run, meaning the idea of losing key contributors like Caleb Martin or young talents like Nikola Jovic and Jamie Jaquez Jr. would only limit their title-contending prospects.” Amick wrote.

Damian Lillard requested a trade from Portland this month and reportedly only wants to be with the Heat. Miami made the NBA finals this past season and would greatly benefit from Lillard, who last season averaged a career-best 32.3 points per game.

Whereas Portland chooses to keep its No.3 pick In this year’s draft. They had selected Scott Henderson, a guard who has elite athleticism and can bring much more to the future of Trail Blazers basketball.

The Trail Blazers released their requirement for a future Lillard trade, which would reportedly include four-first round picks and two quality players.

One quality player from the Heat may intrigue Portland is center Bam Adebayo but Miami shut down the possibility very quickly.

Bam Adebayo is off-limits. So is Jimmy Butler, which is no surprise.

The movable pieces on the Heat are Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson among a few others. However, if the Trailblazers don’t like those options they have the liberty to pursue a trade with someone else to perhaps get a better return.

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