New isolation rule as 'Project Restart' comes closer

Premier League squads are told that they will face up to two weeks of quarantine if even one player fails a coronavirus test. The English top-flight is targeting a return at the beginning of June following a two-month lay off as a result of the global pandemic.

“Project Restart” is required to have strict hygienic measures to be in place at each club before the Premier League can resume. As per the Guardian, entire Premier League squads could be quarantined for 14 days if a player from the club tests positive for the virus.

Players will be tested twice a week during the first weeks of their return. Under Public Health England (PHE) guidelines, anyone tested positive will be isolated for the next seven days. The guidelines also state that anyone who comes into contact with someone who has tested positive should isolate in the same way someone would if they were living with a known case.

The EFL sent training guidelines to the clubs this week which ruled that a playing group should be quarantined for 14 days if a squad member tests positive. The Premier League have not confirmed if the same protocol will be followed but stated that they will be following PHE guidelines.

Premier League shareholders are about to have a meeting in the coming days to vote on the medical protocols which have already been challenged by the Premier League managers earlier this week. If approved, this will only be a minute step towards the resumption and while the teams continue to train individually or in small groups, a positive test could be manageable.

Reports also suggest two weeks of contact training will also be required before players can return to playing regular games. The coronavirus victims’ numbers still play a huge role in how everything turns out in the future and everyone is hoping that things will finally get better.

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