Neymar talks about having thoughts about quitting football at his peak

Neymar who is only 28 years old recently revealed how he almost quit his professional footballing career. Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil starlet was once considering retirement from the sport.

Regarded as one of the greatest in the era of modern football, Neymar has been in the limelight for just more than his performances on the field.

His behavior on the field and off to have been questionable at times, and the most expensive player in the transfer history was honest enough to share how an impact criticism has had over him.

While talking to Gaffer Magazine, he said, "I will never lose the passion for football, but I have had moments that I did want to stop playing. Once, I reached a point of asking myself why I keep playing if they do not like it. I used to go home hot-headed and then remembered everything I've done to get here."

He then said that his love for the sport helped him calm down and gave him more sense of reality. He also said that there has been more than one incidence where he and his family have felt proud of the Brazilian.

Just debuting for Santos FC, winning the first title with Santos, winning the Libertadores Cup was super important as well. Joining Barcelona was a dream of mine since I was a kid, winning the Champions League, my arrival in Paris. These moments will always remain special to me."

 "I have never felt the pressure. Quite the contrary, I am a person that can easily manage pressure; being the number 10 of Brazil's national team, the number 10 at PSG and just being Neymar."

He then made it clear that he has always been committed to the club and country he represents and everything else has been falsely placed in his path.

Neymar was an instrumental part of PSG's 1-0 win over Angers on Saturday with the manager Mauricio Pochettino not present on the touchline after he tested positive for COVID-19.

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