Paul Pogba: One of the greatest what-if stories in football

Paul Labile Pogba, one of the most complete all round midfielders in the 2010s. A World Cup Winner, almost 200 games for Manchester United and Juventus separately, only 30 and is still being labelled by everyone whether it the pundits, media publications or even your average joe, as a what-if, a retrospective  failure, a failed wonder kid. But why has it come to this? 

Paul Pogba (Credits-Manchester United Official)

A player who on his day is Ballom D'Orr quality as he has shown repeatedly for France and his days especially his early days at Juventus, Pogba always came across like a flawed genius much like a certain player who went by the name Zidane. He encapsulated everything that was today's modern game, confidence, swagger (The Dab), ideal physical built coupled with technical excellence along with a cool head (Signature never ending Pogba Penalty)
and pair it up with someone who is extremely marketable (Pogback) and you have  a genuine superstar right there. 

Mourinhio (Left) Pogba (Right) (Credits- Sky Sports)

But still he is labelled as an unfulfilled talent due to many reasons sky high expectations  being the main culprit. If you remove Paul Pogba the image and slap that CV onto a random player, they would take it in a heartbeat but the expectation from everyone that he could go even further did him little good. 

Along with that, his recent injury record has not been good and has had frequent injury issues along with family issues like feud with his family, feud with managers (Jose Mourinhio), his Hairstyles being more than his goal contributions and just general noise off the field have ensured that he is never in a settled and calm frame of mind to put his sole focus on Football only. 

Pogba Credits- FIFA

Though his career may have had potentially ended due to him now serving a lengthy ban and being out of the game for almost 4 years, but he will be always remembered as a France legend as even during his tumultuous time at Old Trafford. He later reportedly  described as a timer period where he was depresses, he was instrumental in winning the 2018 World Cup along with an European Championship in 2017 as well as Nations League in 2021 whereas during the same time, his return to Juventus was blowing hot and cold.

Pogba(Above) Souness(Below) (

4 Serie A Titles, 2 Italian Cup and 3 Super Cup titles, 1 Europa league and 2 English league Cup winners medal is a pretty impressive medal haul for someone to achieve by the age of around 28. His career ends here??still  a great achievement. 

But the very fact that his career is virtually over and the manner in which it's over raise the potential of how much more he could have achieved, he hasn't failed on an objective level, he is just a victim of his own success. And coupled with the fact that Pogba in his prime was one of the most talked about and recognized footballers of his generation makes it natural  that narratives and speculations follow suit  in what can be practically described as a retirement announcement. 

Thus what is really happening here isn't people slagging Pogba off for his unfulfilled  potential, he has done exactly what he was capable of doing, brilliance in bursts but are longing for a reality in which they got the chance to witness the brilliance and charisma of Paul Pogb. On a more consistent basis for a few more years and to make the fairy tale of him recapture his Juventus form during his 1st spell reality. And when your fantasies don't come true and reality ends up being disappointing, it leads to frustration and that is precisely  what has happened with Paul Pogba's career perception amongst the general populous.

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