Rookie of the Month March 2021: LaMelo Ball | Anthony Edwards

The Draft Class of 2020 was not expected to rise up or much talked on. However, there are few candidates in the rookies who have capabilities of getting onto the All-Stars and also on the MVP conversation in the years to come.

Anthony Edwards from the Minnesota Timberwolves was named the Western Conference Rookie of the Month and LaMelo Ball from the Charlotte Hornets was named as the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for March 2021. 

LaMelo ball receives his 3rd straight rookie of the Month Award for the Eastern Conference and was clearly beating the odds to be the eventual winner for the Rookie of the year Trophy before the tragedy struck

Talking about LaMelo Ball, Ball played 8 games in the month of March where he managed to lead all the Eastern Conference Rookies in Points, Assists, and Steals Per Game. LaMelo Ball also became the 3rd Youngest player in NBA History to score 30 Points - 5 Assists - 5 Rebounds in a single game. 

LaMelo Ball has managed to lead the overall Rookie of the Year ratings for a considerable amount of time. 

With a string of horrible 1st Round Picks by the Hornets, LaMelo has managed to be the pick of the draft, no doubt that Melo has been a certain factor of the Hornets for their Playoff push - let us now see how do the final standings shape up with LaMelo recovering from his injury

March 2021 Statistics

GamesPointsAssists ReboundsSteals Record

Anthony Edwards has had one hell of a Month in March. It seemed like he has found a new life in the NBA in March. 

The No.1 pick of the 2020 Draft class has recently topped the charts of the Rookie Ladder

Anthony Edwards becomes the 8th Timberwolves rookie to win this award where his Points per game of 24.2 were the 3rd-most in a calendar month by a teenager in NBA History most after Carmelo Anthony - 27.1 PPG and LeBron James - 24.2. 

Edwards also reached the 100 3-Pointers for the season in March who becomes the 3rd Youngest Player to reach this mark joining up behind the elites like Kevin Knox and Kobe Bryant

With a sluggish start to the start of the season, Edwards has been on a rise and with LaMelo Ball missing the significant business end of the season, will Edwards lift the Rookie of the Year trophy, will be the one to watch. 

March 2021 Statistics

GamesPointsAssists ReboundsSteals Record

Timberwolves, looking at the current record is heading towards the draft lottery this season, Edwards is expected to get significant playing time the possibility of Edwards taking up the Rookie of the Year Trophy Seems imminent. 

However, if Ball manages to come back on time and could make up on the lost time, we can have a cracker of a month before the Playoffs kickstart in May.

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