Bayern Munich target Leroy Sane changes agent

Leroy Sane is now going to be represented by LIAN Sports. The winger was looked after by DB Venture Limited until the last summer.

It is understood that the new representatives are going to push for Sane’s move away from Manchester City which didn’t materialize last season.

Bayern Munich was reportedly keen on securing Sane’s services during the pre-season transfer window, but the winger’s injury during the Community Shield match put the transfer discussions on hold.

Sane is back to training now and might feature for City in the second half of the ongoing season, but he is believed to be interested in the Bayern move and Bayern is also likely to come inquiring for the player again in the summer.

When asked about Sane being linked to a move to Germany, the City boss Pep Guardiola said it’s something which is completely up to Sane and if he does have to leave, he will have a conversation with the club.

Leroy Sane (Photo:

Guardiola admits that Sane came to England on his insistence as he told the City hierarchy to go for the player back in 2016 when he himself was coming to City to take over as the new manager.

According to Guardiola, if Sane is willing to go back to his homeland after four years in England, it’s understandable as people are allowed to make their decisions based on their “desires” and what their families want them to do.

“It's a question for Leroy, his agents and the club. I am not involved. What's important now is that he recovers well.” Guardiola told the reporters.

“I was the guy who pushed the club and asked him (Sane) to come here. But each one has his own family, desires and dreams.” Guardiola added.

Sane has so far scored 25 goals in 89 Premier League appearances for City.


Featured Image Credits: Sky Sports

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