Sports Viewing Etiquette | Dos and Don'ts for the Ultimate Fan

Get ready to cheer on your favorite team and soak up the game-day excitement as football kicks off! But before you head to the stadium or gather with friends to watch, remember the importance of good football etiquette. Whether you're among friends or strangers, these etiquette tips will ensure a fun and respectful experience for all. Ready to be a team player? 

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What is the etiquette for spectators?

#1 Know the Rules

Starting August 1, 2017, UT has implemented a clear bag policy to improve safety, and many other stadiums have followed suit. Large bags like backpacks and purses are not permitted at big events. If you usually carry baby supplies in a diaper bag, please transfer them to a clear plastic bag. Glass containers and bottles are not allowed, and pets and strollers are usually not permitted either. High school stadiums may have varying regulations, so please check online before heading to the event.

#2 NEVER leave a game early

Don't be a fair-weather fan! Leaving games early should come with a price tag. My parents learned the hard way when they left me at a Cubs game, only for the team to come back and win. Anyone who bails before the end of the game shouldn't call themselves a true supporter.

#3 Enjoy the halftime break

Be considerate of others while at the show. Avoid disrupting those around you by refraining from making calls or having loud conversations during the performance. If you need to make a call or catch up with someone, do so in a private area away from the field to allow everyone to fully enjoy the show.

#4 Get ready for the noise

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#5 Take your seat

When the crowd goes wild for a touchdown, feel free to stand up and join in, but be mindful of those around you. If everyone in your section is standing, go ahead and stand too. If not, please remain seated to ensure everyone can enjoy the game. If you really want to stand, head up to the upper levels where there are others doing the same.

#6 Highlight your manners

Pay attention to your environment. If everyone is seated, avoid standing in front of them. It's worth noting, though, that many people stand during intense moments in a game, so you might feel inclined to do the same. Remember, this isn't a theatrical performance.

#7 Don't hate the fans of the other team

At tailgates and pre-game events, fans of opposing teams should be welcomed. However, once inside the arena, all bets are off. Opposing fans are fair game for ridicule and insults, even if you just shared food with them before the game.

#8 Treat the injured with respect

Show compassion and resilience in sports. Don't celebrate when a player is injured. Hold your applause until they rise and walk off the court, regardless of whether they're your rival or a weaker opponent. Additionally, never cheer during a horse race when a horse is being put down. This is considered a serious offense. On a lighter note, supporters may freely celebrate the retirement of Roger Clemens!

#9 Dress for the occasion

Get ready for the start of football season! While the weather may still be hot in most areas, it's important to dress appropriately for the stadium. Ladies, avoid platform wedge sandals due to the steep steps, and fellas, even if you're rockin' shorts, rainbow wigs, and body paint, don't forget to apply deodorant and bring a towel to prevent any unwelcome sweating on your neighbors. With a long game ahead, it's best to come prepared.

#10 Do not shout everywhere about breaking the rules

Don't hesitate to grab a foul ball or stray puck at your next game! It's not inconsiderate it's tradition for young fans to experience the thrill of a stolen ball. Plus, it's a great lesson in handling disappointment. Let's teach kids that whining won't fly, starting with a playful steal at the ballgame.


There you have it: the top 10 dos and don'ts of sports viewing etiquette. With this list, you can now properly prepare for your next game day experience and show respect to all those around you! Let's get ready to rumble! Go team! Go fans! Show your spirit in a respectful manner, and make sure everyone around you enjoys it.

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