Stephen Curry breaks Ray Allen's record to become the leading 3 point shooter

Stephen Curry breaks the Record!

Stephen Curry is unanimously known as the greatest shooter of all time and there’s no debating it. 

Whether it's most 3 points made in a single season or the most 3 points in the NBA Finals, you should know that Stephen Curry holds the record. 

Stephen Curry has finally broken the record for most three-pointers in NBA history against the New York Knicks. 

He is now officially the greatest shooter to ever exist, with the numbers to prove it. He made 2,974 three-pointers throughout his regular-season NBA career. 

Ray Allen, who previously held the record, needed 1300 games to reach his mark and Curry surpassed it in only 788, if that doesn’t prove how great Curry is, we do not know what will. 

It is a pleasure for any basketball fan to watch the genius of Stephen Curry, the underdog Point Guard from Davidson who slowly established himself as the greatest shooter to ever exist and also the one who single-handedly changed the game. 

Ray Allen is a legend of the game as well and he acknowledged Steph and his greatness before the game, along with Reggie Miller, who is also amongst the top 3 shooters in the history of the sport. 

As the game came to an end, Curry holds the record with 2977 three-pointers made. The fact that Curry might be able to score a few hundred or thousand more threes, is crazy! It’s fair to say that it will be a long while before anyone comes close to this record. 

Had it not been for injuries, Klay Thompson could have made an argument to be the second greatest shooter of all time besides his teammate, Steph Curry but he has been injured for almost 2 years now and we expect to see him return stronger than ever. 

Let us hope the league’s only unanimous MVP to ever exist gets back in his MVP form and increases his input per game until the end of the season now that the record has been achieved by him. 

We know that Stephen Curry’s career is nowhere close to being finished and we hope to see even more magical moments from him throughout his career. 

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