Antonio Conte vs Jurgen Klopp Head-to-Head Stats | Tottenham vs Liverpool Preview

Tottenham vs Liverpool on Sunday will see two of the best managers in Europe, Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp pit their wits against each other in this action-packed game. 

Klopp’s Liverpool and Conte’s Tottenham will battle it out for the three points at Spurs stadium. Liverpool have looked formidable this season and lost only once. 

They are the only team in Premier League to have lost only once, and Klopp has completely changed his sides into one of the powerhouses of Europe. The German's next test will be against another top-class team and a manager. 

After finally getting an astute manager with a strong CV, Tottenham have shown great redemption in their performance and clawed their way back in the top 10 in the table. 

The former Chelsea manager has seriously transformed Tottenham’s fortunes, and the club has returned to its competing ways.

 It will be Antonio Conte vs Jurgen Klopp showdown, and we are all in for it.   

Antonio Conte vs Jurgen Klopp: Overall Stats and Trophies

Stats Antonio ConteJurgen Klopp 
Nationality Italy Germany 
Current club Tottenham Liverpool 
Trophies 89
Matches 524928
Draws 123209
Defeats 91219
Wins 310500
Points 10531709
Points per game2.011.84

Antonio Conte vs Jurgen Klopp: Head-to-Head stats  

Stats  Antonio ConteJurgen Klopp
Matches  44
Wins  11
Draws  22
Defeats  11

Both the gaffers have a neck-to-neck record in their head-to-head stats. However, they have encountered each other only four times, with Klopp winning and losing once and Conte with a similar record as well. 

Conte’s first year at Chelsea, where he guided the club to Premier League title and later FA Cup next year. 

While it took Klopp three years to establish Liverpool into a dominant force and then led them to the first-ever Premier League after 30 years and Champions League glory. 

Two of the most animated and exciting managers in Europe have met each other in Premier League before when Antonio Conte was managing Chelsea and Jurgen Klopp , Liverpool. 

Since then, they have gone head-to-head only four times. After the Italian departed Chelsea both the gaffers never crossed each other's paths in any competitions. 

Both are among the most influential managers in Europe currently, and whichever team they have worked with turned out to be a force to be reckoned with. Liverpool and Tottenham are testaments to their work. 

The Italian manager has previously coached Juventus, Atlanta and Inter Milan, while Jurgen Klopp has managed Main 05, Dortmund and Liverpool. 

The gaffers will meet for the fifth time at Spurs stadium, and the stakes will be high, with both of them looking to secure a victory. 

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