The Most In-Demand Specialists in the Next 10 Years

Humanity is constantly evolving, developing technologies and new labor markets and new specializations are emerging. Therefore, it is quite difficult to predict with accuracy which specialties will become the most popular in 10 years. But we have tried, and we are ready to present you with a list of the most relevant professions in 10 years.

Work is one of the most important aspects of human life. A person spends a little less than a third of his time at work, so it's worth choosing the job that you love. Well, if you are overworked, and the vacation is not coming soon, then you can relax at home and play slot machine fruit shop.

Cyber Lawyers

How to protect your copyrights and not inadvertently violate the rights of others? How to advertise correctly? How to act in case of conflicts in the Internet environment? How to protect personal data?

Lawyers with a digital bias will help solve this and much more. Yes, there are few of them yet. But the demand for such specialists is gaining popularity because our lives are more and more immersed in the virtual world.

Of course, the profession of a lawyer will not be taught in five-day courses. Special education is needed. But, if you are a lawyer by education, then you may well convert to the digital sphere.

Managers of Individual Medical Programs

People are starting to take care of their health more and more - they go in for sports, take vitamins, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Specialists in the preparation of an individual health program are becoming more and more in demand. Such a specialist will carefully study all the indicators of your body and advise which exercises should be paid attention to and which vitamins you need to take.

Here, of course, medical education is necessary.

Climate Specialists of Companies

Many people, including large companies, are beginning to take care of nature and the harm that we do to it. More and more companies are striving to minimize this harm and contribute to the restoration of natural resources.

Such a specialist in the company's climate issues calculates the exact amount of natural resources the company consumes to carry out its activities. And then analyzes the possible threats to nature that this activity can cause.


Such specialists use a large amount of data to create a visual tool that is as clear as possible for most ordinary people. It can be a graph or a table that is understandable to everyone and that illustrates what you need to pay attention to or conclude. Such specialists are required in government agencies, banks, the media, as well as in large analytical companies.

Data journalists help businesses grow by more than 10% a year. Therefore, the profession is becoming more and more in demand in the labor market.

To become such a specialist, you do not need special education. It is important to be able to work with tables like Excel and have an analytical mindset.

QA Engineers

The demand for such specialists will grow by 22% by 2030! These engineers are also called testers. They test sites for the presence of some errors, bugs, and so on.

That is, you open the site and imagine yourself as a regular user. You start clicking on various buttons and studying the information on the site. If you encounter any problem, send a bug report to the developer's department, who successfully fixes it.

At the moment, about 2 million specialists are required for this vacancy worldwide.

The average salary of such test engineers in Russia is about 80,000 rubles a month. And beginners receive 35,000 rubles.

It is quite possible to master this profession in a few months through specialized online courses.

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