The race for the coveted top 4 finish intensifies in the Premier League

Top 4 Predictions: Premier League 2020/21

  • The Premier League enters the last gameweek of the season and we might have a grandstand finish to the Top 4 race. 
  • Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, West Ham and Tottenham will be fighting it out for the 3rd and 4th spot on the last day of the season.
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Thus, Sportco works out few permutations and tries to provide predictions so as to who might finish in top 4 this season in the Premier League.

To make it simpler, we will first categorize teams as to which all competitions they will be competing for actively.

Leicester City, Chelsea, Liverpool- Champions League, Europa League.

Tottenham, West Ham- Europa League, (Champions League is very unlikely for both but external factors may open a way for one of them.)


Starting with the straight and simple, Liverpool are completely in the driver's seat to write their fate for the upcoming season.

Prerequisites for UCL- Win their remaining two games and top four is ensured, no one can stop their entry in the Champions League.

What if Liverpool lose one and win one?

  • If Chelsea win against Leicester and Liverpool lose to Burnley, then the Reds would hope that Leicester City lose their final game of the season when they play Tottenham, provided Liverpool beat Palace on the final day.
  • If Leicester City win tonight, Liverpool will have to hope that Chelsea lose their final game of the season, while they win theirs against the Eagles.
  • If Leicester City and Chelsea draw then only Chelsea will be in Liverpool's grasp but they would require Chelsea to lose to Aston Villa on the final day, while they win. 
  • Note: In the case of every team in contention for the top four, the goal difference could also play a gigantic role as Leicester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool are barely apart from each other in terms of goal difference. (+21, +22, and +21 respectively).
  • If Liverpool lose both their games, not only will they lose Champions League football, they could also miss out on the Europa League as Tottenham are just four points behind them, and are currently ahead of the Reds by a goal in goal difference.

Top 4 Predictions for Liverpool in the Premier League: 5th 


The drama begins now as every team that will be mentioned ahead will need external support or luck to feature in the Champions League. 

Prerequisites for UCL- Either Chelsea win the Champions League against Manchester City that ensures their place next season, or they win both their remaining games.

What if Chelsea lose one and win one?

  • If Chelsea loses, they would hope that Liverpool fails to grab the three points in at least one of their two games. They could also hope for Leicester City to lose one of their games. A draw for either Leicester or Liverpool could see the goal difference come into play again.
  • If Chelsea lose both their games, their only hope would be that Liverpool don't win any of their games, and the Blues will also have to avoid a multiple-goal defeat.

Top 4 Predictions for Chelsea in the Premier League: 3rd 

Leicester City

The Foxes recently beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final but they now have an equally prominent fixture coming up against the same opponents as they hope to avoid dropping out of the Champions League again like last season.

Prerequisites for UCL- Win both their games. 

What if Leicester City lose one and win one?

  • If Leicester City win against Chelsea tonight and lose against Tottenham on the final day then they would hope that Liverpool drops points in at least one of their games. If they don't then the goal difference will decide who takes the third and fourth spot.
  • If Leicester City lose tonight and win against Tottenham, they would hope that Chelsea drops points on the final day of the season or Liverpool drops points in one of their games.
  • If Leicester City draw with Chelsea tonight and win against Tottenham, they would be certain in the top four. 
  • If Leicester City lose both their games then they will be playing in the Europa League next season.

Top 4 Predictions for Leicester in the Premier League: 4th 

Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United

Prerequisites for UCL- For both the teams to play in the Champions League, they would want Chelsea to drop points in one of their games and lose one, while they will have to win both of their games.

  • If Chelsea draws one and loses one, they would also want Liverpool not to win any game out of their last two. Even in this case, Tottenham will be in contention as their goal difference is equal to that of the Reds. 
  • The Hammers will have to win both their games and hope for a miracle (Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea lose both their games) to put them into the UCL.
  • For the Europa League, the goal difference gives the Lilywhites the upper edge when compared to West Ham United, but they would both want Liverpool to drop points or either of them dropping points, while they win both their games.

Sportco Final Top 4 Predictions for the Premier League:

Final Positions after 38 matches
7.West Ham62

So these were our Predictions for Top 4 finish in the Premier League this season. Do you agree with our predictions? Whatever happens from here, we can only hope that we get an enthralling finish to the season. 

Stay Tuned for more updates.

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