Trade Rumors for the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have definitely been missed in the 2020 NBA postseason. Long-term injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, along with Kevin Durant's departure to Brooklyn really affected Steve Kerr's side.

The Warriors have won the second pick of the 2020 NBA Draft and the team will be looking to get back into title contention again. Curry and Thompson will be back for the next season and the Warriors' front office will be plotting moves to push for a fifth NBA title.

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Their 2020 first round draft pick, 2021 (top-3) protected pick and Andrew Wiggins' huge contract are some of their player assets that they can play around with. However, their best asset seems to be the Trade Player Exception (TPE) worth $17.2m that they acquired from the Andre Iguodala trade last summer.

What is a TPE?

The TPE is non-player trade asset that allows a team absorb a player's contract without having to give up anything in return. The Warriors have one year to acquire a player with a contract value of $17.2m + $100k, as per the trade rules.

Best players available for this trade

Now, let's look at the top five options that the Warriors can use with the TPE at their disposal.

  1. Marcus Smart (G) - Boston Celtics - He is probably the best option available for the Warriors in an off-season with a weak free agent as well as draft class. With Gordon Hayward opting-in for his player option, Kemba Walker's high salary and Jayson Tatum's eligibility for a max contract, the Celtics might be looking to balance their salary books. For this, Smart is a very tradeable asset, who will provide the Warriors a much needed boost off the bench along with his exceptional perimeter defense. Warriors might have to add their 2020 top 5 draft pick to help sweeten the deal.
  2. Aaron Gordon (F) - Orlando Magic - The Warriors need a much effective front court presence and that void can be filled more than ever by Gordon. Gordon, who is versatile two-way player, with his improved 3-point shooting, can help the Warriors to become a contender again. The TPE + 2020 draft pick for Gordon seems a win-win trade for both teams.
  3. Kelly Oubre Jr (F) - Phoenix Suns - Kelly Oubre is another young forward, with insane athletic ability, who can provide the Warriors a spark off the bench. Adding the Warriors' 2020 daft pick can help the Suns to build around their core of Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton.
  4. Rudy Gay (F) - San Antonio Spurs - Gay has two years left on his contract with the Spurs. Offloading him will allow them to return to a full rebuild mode, after the loss of Kawhi Leonard a few years back. As for the Warriors, Gay can provide a much needed veteran leadership for the Warriors' bench unit.
  5. Myles Turner (C) - Indiana Pacers - The Warriors are in a dire need of an interior presence in the paint and Turner fits the bill perfectly. The leading shot blocker in the NBA along with his good vision and ability to spread the floor can allow the likes of Curry, Thompson and Green to get a lot of open looks from beyond the arc. With Turner set to earn a fixed $18m salary over the next few years, the TPE along with Paschall/2020 draft pick can be well used on him.

(*Wildcard option) 

Giannis Antetokounmpo (F) - Milwaukee Bucks - The trade rumors of Giannis to the Warriors refuse to go away. A lot of things have to fall in place for this deal to happen. First and the foremost, the Bucks should lose early in the playoffs and Giannis should refuse to sign the supermax extension.

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The Warriors might have to use their entire trade arsenal to make this happen. They can offer Green, 2020 first rounder, 2021 first rounder (top 3 protected) from Minnesota, their own 2021 first rounder and Wiggins for Giannis. 

A lot of variables have to go the Warriors' way for the trade talks to even commence, but it's an exciting idea to want to see two good friends in Steph and Giannis team up in the Bay Area.

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