UEFA to consider "Mini Tournaments" to conclude UCL and Europa League

Suggestions to conclude competitions over a handful of days, in one or two cities, were among the ideas to be discussed in the conference soon. When UEFA convene, “Mini Tournaments” to decide the Champions League and Europa League this season will be some of the many options on the table.

European football’s governing body will hold a series of conference calls to decide on an issue that has arisen because of the impact coronavirus is having on the sporting calendar. 

It is reported that a number of options will be put forward to ease fixture congestion, all coming with their own consequences for domestic football over this year and maybe 2021 also.

Another less popular option is expected to include having just one leg for the Champions League and Europa League quarter-finals and semi-finals this season. This option has its own pros and cons as clubs may object on the part of where that leg would take place.

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Although it is understood no option is off-limits, UEFA is keen for all leagues to be finished so that promotion, relegation, who are the champions and who has qualified for future European club competitions is confirmed.

A complete shutdown of European football this summer is the least preferred option, while the governing body would still need clubs and associations to agree to any changes. The most reliable option at the moment is playing the remaining Champions League and Europa League games over a handful of days in one or two cities.

This would minimize travel and potentially cause the least disruption to leagues. The conference will involve representatives of UEFA’s 55 member associations, together with the boards of the European Club Association and the European Leagues and a representative of FIFPro.

Nothing is finalized at the moment but football fans will be hoping that everything gets normal at the earliest.


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