Universities in US, UK now offering degrees in Esports

The prolific and rampant growth of Esports industry has made many heads turn. It has attracted a lot of investors, and Esports is viewed as a booming market which is expected to surge to over $1 billion this year. 

Due to this, many colleges and universities have begun to offer courses aimed at capitalizing on this growing industry. Ohio State University is one among many such universities and colleges. Colleges in the UK and the US have started both Bachelors and Masters programs in Esports management.

Becker College, Massachusetts, is one of many colleges in the United States that offers such courses. They began their program this year after its 'soft release' last year. Alan Ritacco, the Dean of the institution said that modern-day Esports athletes earn as much as their counterparts in Football and Basketball do. "It is no longer kids playing computer games in their bedrooms," he stated to the Associated Press.

Esports Staffordshire University
Photo Credits: Esports Insider

The University of Staffordshire in the U.K last year launched both its bachelors and masters courses in Esports management. In the program, the students learn the marketing and the management skill that are tailored to the industry.

Other colleges debuting their Esports programs this year are Britan's Chichester University, Virginia's Shenandoah University, and The Ohio State University. There is already strong growth and platform for Esports in Asia, where colleges schools and colleges in Singapore and China offer courses.

Rise of Esports in high schools in the United States 

The cultural phenomenon of Esports has not only attracted college sand universities. Major high schools all over the United States have their own dedicated Esports programs. Over 100 high schools have competitive Esports teams alongside traditional football and basketball teams.

Colleges like the University of California, Irvine are luring top Esports athletes with scholarships, a privilege that was reserved for only traditional athletes.There are over dozens of colleges and high school all over the U.S which have had their varsity level Esports competition for years. 

Esports, as a phenomenon has a global audience. The biggest names in the industry can earn millions through prize money and live-streaming  deals. Esports are also set to be a medal event at the Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines in November.

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