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The Clippers went into the NBA free agency period willing to keep some components of their squad from the previous campaign while adding other parts it was missing.

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Russell Westbrook (Credit - NBA)

Russell Westbrook signed a two-year deal worth just under $8 million, making him the team's starter at point guard from the moment he joined in February. Later, the team acquired forward K.J. Martin from Houston in exchange for a pair of future second-round selection picks. The organisation prized Martin due of his combination of height and athleticism, something the Clippers' forward rotation glaringly lacked.

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Russell Westbrook (Credit - NBA)

Westbrook had stated in April that he was looking forward to making his own decisions for the first time in his career as a free agent. After 18 rocky months with the Lakers, it took him two days to re-sign with a franchise that he "loved" playing for.

Westbrook signed with the Clippers in February and soon felt at home. Paul George and Marcus Morris Sr., who had openly supported the unpredictable player, welcomed him. He also established himself as the team's starting point guard on the court.

Given that Westbrook still possesses the talents of a player of the All-Star calibre, it is shocking to see such a sharp fall in his player worth. However, it cannot be denied that in comparison to his prior stints with the OKC Thunder, Houston Rockets, and Washington Wizards, his numbers have significantly declined.

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Russell Westbrook (Credit - NBA)

The majority of supporters on social media are shocked, despite the fact that this scenario appears to be great for the Clippers. They believe Westbrook merits better. 

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