Interesting and Fun Facts, Trivia about the Winter Olympics 2022

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 is looming around, and the excitement is in the air, with another action-packed month filled with one of the biggest competitions in the sports world. 

On this occasion, Sportco brings you some interesting and lesser-known facts about the Winter Olympics. 

The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 will start on 4th Feb and end on 20th Feb. During these two weeks, we will witness many talented athletes exhibiting their performance in front of an audience.   

The 24th edition of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has come under scrutiny regarding China’s controversial illegal detention of Uighurs and other minorities, which is up to 1.8 million. 

This has led to diplomatic boycotts from many countries, including the USA, Australia, Britain, and Canada

Albeit the controversy, the IOC allowed China to host Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Total 91 countries and 2800 athletes will compete in Beijing this month.  

And senior Olympic official said there will be a 50 percent crowd in the stadium to avoid Covid-19 cases.

Christophe Dubi, the executive director at Olympic committee said “In terms of capacity we are not there yet, because it has to be finetuned at a venue-by-venue basis, but I’d say if we have one person out of three (available spots) or out of two, that would already be a good result.” 

With this, Sportco now provides you with some interesting and lesser-known facts about the Winter Olympics:

- After hosting the 2008 summer Olympics, Beijing will become the first-ever city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics. 

- The entire tournament will be competed on artificial snow for the outdoor events due to less snowing in Beijing.  

- lesser-known is one of the oldest medal winners in the Winter Olympics in 1925. However, he didn’t get the medal until 54 years due to a scoring error.  

- The United States is the only country to have won gold medals in every Winter Olympics. 

- The skeleton track at Beijing 2022 has the first-ever 180-degree corner of any Olympic Winter Games.

- Until 1992, the Winter and Summer Olympics used to happen in the same year 

- The Winter Olympics has never been hosted in the southern hemisphere.  

- USA's Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson set an Olympics Hockey record of scoring 2 goals in 6 secs. 

- Chloe Kim of the United States is the youngest female (17), gold medallist, in the snowboarding game. 

- Ester Ledecka is the only player who has won two gold medals in Alpine skiing and snowboarding at Winter Olympics. 

- Heikki Hasu is a three-time Olympic medal winner who retired in 1953 at just 27 to work on his farm. 

- Mirja Hietamies worked as a bus driver after winning silver and gold at two Olympic Winter Games – in Oslo 1952 and Cortina d’Ampezzo 1956. 

We hope you enjoyed it and also got some valuable info about the Winter Olympics through these facts. Do let us know your favorite Winter Olympics moment in the comments below.

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