Sports | What are the biggest sports events in 2023?

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But wait a minute – which sports event should you be watching in 2023? We have a few suggestions for you. 

Biggest sports events 2023
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1) Tokyo Marathon: Running

Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: March 5, 2023

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Other notable sponsors: Tokyo Metro, Asics, Kao Corporation

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the most renowned running events in the world. The race attracts both amateur and professional runners from across the globe, each seeking to conquer the 42.195-kilometer course.

As participants weave through Tokyo's bustling streets, the event showcases the power of human determination. This year, the male winner was Deso Gelmisa from Ethiopia. Rosemary Wanjiru from Kenya won the ladies’ race.

Our betting tip: The event is already over

2) The Championships, Wimbledon: Tennis

Where: Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom

When: July 2023

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Other notable sponsors: Barclays, Babolat, IBM, Vodafone

Wimbledon, often regarded as the most prestigious tennis tournament, epitomizes the grace and tradition of the sport. This iconic event is held on the lush grass courts of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Most spectators recognize Wimbledon for its rich history and white dress code. Needless to say, Novak Djokovic is the heavy favorite to win the event.

Our betting tip: Novak Djokovic to win

3) Rugby World Cup

Where: France

When: September - October 2023

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Other notable sponsors: Mastercard, Emirates, Societe General

The Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle event of international rugby union. In 2023, France will host this exhilarating tournament. The country will host national teams from around the world to showcase their strength and strategic prowess. The Rugby World Cup celebrates the sport and unites nations through their shared love for the game.

Our betting tip: New Zealand to win


4) Tour de France: Cycling

Biggest sports events 2023
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Where: France and selected neighboring countries

When: July 2023

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Other notable sponsors: Continental, Skoda, E.Leclerc

The Tour de France, an iconic cycling race, captivates both cycling enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. The race spans across stunning landscapes, but these are also very challenging terrains. That’s why the event tests many things:


-        Endurance

-        Skill

-        Mental fortitude

-        Strategic decision-making


Riders who navigate the arduous route strive for the coveted yellow jersey. This shirt symbolizes the ultimate triumph in road cycling.

Our betting tip: Tadej Pogacar to win

5) The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup

Where: India

When: October - November 2023

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Other notable sponsors:, Nissan, Oppo

Cricket enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the ICC Cricket World Cup. The tournament will take place in India, a cricket-crazed nation. This premier cricket extravaganza brings together top cricketing nations to compete for the title of world champion.

Our betting tip: Pakistan to win the tournament

6) US Open: Tennis

Where: Flushing Meadows, New York, United States

When: August 28 - September 10, 2023

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Other notable sponsors: J.P. Morgan, Emirates, American Express, Rolex

The US Open is the last of the four Grand Slam tournaments of the season, so it’s fair to call it its culmination. Held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, this event attracts the world's best tennis players who compete for glory on the hard courts of Flushing Meadows. A single question intrigues us all – can Novak Djokovic win all four GS titles this year? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Our betting tip: Novak Djokovic to complete the season’s Grand Slam

7. Women's World Cup: Football

Where: Australia and New Zealand

When: August 2023

Casino sponsors: No

Other notable sponsors: Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai

The Women's World Cup is a global celebration of women's football. In 2023, Australia and New Zealand will co-host this prestigious tournament. The Women's World Cup promotes gender equality in sports. However, it also inspires young girls to pursue their dreams on and off the field. You’ll notice there aren’t any basketball events on the list, but that’s not a problem – you can always play basketball slots in exchange!

Our betting tip: USA to win the event

8) Women’s Handball World Championships

Where: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

When: November – December 2023

Casino sponsors: No

Other notable sponsors: Point S, Spotify

The Handball World Championships is a thrilling event that brings together teams from around the world to compete in the fast-paced and dynamic sport of handball. In 2023, three countries will co-host this tournament.

Our betting tip: Norway to win the tournament

The Bottom Line

This year promises to be an extraordinary epoch for aficionados of athletic pursuits, unveiling a cornucopia of exhilarating spectacles spanning diverse disciplines. From the illustrious Tokyo Marathon to the grandeur of the Tour de France, each undertaking serves as an eloquent testament to the unwavering commitment, prodigious aptitude, and indomitable spirit exhibited by athletes hailing from every corner of the globe.

Be it the allure of footraces, the thrill of football clashes, the grace of tennis duels, the intensity of cricket contests, the prowess of cycling endeavors, or the dynamism of handball encounters, these sporting marvels shall indubitably furnish profound moments of inspiration, harmonious camaraderie, and peerless athletic prowess that surmount the limitations of borders, transfixing audiences spanning the entire expanse of our planet.

What is your favorite event of 2023?

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