Why are Arsenal called "The Gunners"?

Arsenal have a rich history in English football.

Every club has a history but some clubs have a more storied history than others. Now, the cannon badge on red shield is immediately recognized as the crest symbol on any Arsenal kit. And why are they called Gunners, is it because of their crest symbol?

Why are Arsenal called "The Gunners"?
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The identity of the club's is at times more closely tied to the nicknames than we think of. For the casual enjoyer, the name Gunners might be a fun way to address a team but for those who know the lore, it constitutes a critical part of their identity of the club what they stand for.

We examine the origins of Arsenal’s nickname, other monikers, their emblem and more. The Gunners, as Arsenal are known, is a way to pay tribute to the founding members of the club  who were employed by the Royal Arsenal armament factory located in Woolwich and were known as Woolwich Arsenal during their early Years.

Why are Arsenal called "The Gunners"?
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The Royal Arsenal made explosives, small arms and artillery, ammunition, and weaponry. The cannon-shaped club insignia, which is well-known, is complemented by the moniker. The words ‘The Gunners’ were also present in earlier versions of the club badge.

The Woolwich borough’s coat of arms served as the inspiration for the initial Arsenal crest, which has featured cannons prominently since 1888.

Arsenal kept their name and emblem even though they have changed their bases twice, first relocating from Woolwich to Highbury in 1913, and the to the Emirates Stadium where they play to this day. Although  the club symbol has undergone some makeover. The club crest incorporates a cannon as a graphic symbol that honours the team’s founding years in North London.

The club was founded in the late 19th century by employees of the Royal Arsenal munitions factory in Woolwich, and both the name and the emblem honour this history.

Why are Arsenal called "The Gunners"?
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The current emblem is a solitary, eastward-facing golden cannon. Over time, there have been alterations to the central topic.

The Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich’s shield of weapons, which included three vertical cannons with lion faces at the bottom, served as a source of inspiration to the club’s original members.

After the team the club’s original to Highbury, official correspondence started to use a freshly created club badge.

A horizontal gun oriented westward was commonplace in the early 1920s. The Royal Arsenal Gatehouse’s crest is credited with serving as the model for the cannon style employed in the current design that all  Arsenal supporters know and cherish to this day.

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