Among Us Detective Mode: Tips & Tricks to investigate as a Detective

Among Us Detective Mode: Overview

Among Us has a lot of different mods which you can download and try out with your friends. In Detective Mode, one crewmate gains the ability to temporarily see everyone's footprints. This is one of the cooler Mods, and it completely levels the playing field between the two factions. 

Players & Streamers of Among Us always enjoy different Mods, and one of the newest ones is Detective Mode. While most of the other Mods give crewmates an active advantage with a new role, Detective Mod offers a massive advantage to the crewmates. 

The Among Us Detective Mode was created by a popular YouTube streamer Socksfor1.  

Detective Mod
Image Credits: Youtube/FunkyThePooh

Once a player is assigned the role of detective, they have the ability to see others' footprints, in the same color as their skin. So, if a body is discovered, the detective can see who has gone past the body, who has been around it, etc. 

However, the footprints fade over time, so, the detective will have to come fast to the scene of the crime if they want to find out who could possibly be guilty.

If the detective doesn't arrive quickly, they could even get their facts wrong, and be misled. However, this ability also makes the detective a very valuable target for the imposters. So, if you reveal that you are the detective, you will surely have a target on your back. 

Among Us Detective Mode: Tips & Tricks to investigate

Detecting footprints in the Detective mod
Wonder who's footprints are these? 

The best thing to do is to spy the vents, and as a detective, you can always find out who went inside & when, depending on the opacity of the footprints. Another thing is that whenever you find a dead body, you can figure out who has been around it and not reported it, before you report it yourself. 

Also, as a detective, it is pretty easy to filter out which of your crewmates are innocent. As a detective, you can use the process of elimination to figure out who the imposters are. 

However, one of the trickier things about being the detective is that if you reveal your powers, you will surely be a target for the imposters. So, if you want to reveal your powers, make sure a reliable crewmate is always trailing you while carrying out the next round of tasks.

The Among Us Detective Mode certainly brings out the inner Sherlock Holmes within you. Do let us know your experience of playing the Among Us Detective Mode.

Featured Image Credits - Innersloth

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