Australian Open Trivia: Top 10 moments of Semi-Finals and Finals

10 Interesting Trivia on the Australian Open Men’s Semis and Finals

With just moments away from learning who is our new Australian Open Champion. We take a look at a few interesting trivia gathered from all the semi-final and final matches played throughout the Australian Open over the years.

Australian Open Trivia #1: Five hours and counting 

Classified by many sources as one of the best tennis matches ever to be played in the Open Era. The clash showed us what happens when two-spirited players do not know the meaning of giving up lock horns against each other. 

The match still stands as the longest finals ever to be played in a Grandslam, extending for 5 hours and 53 minutes, with Novak Djokovic having come out the victor.

Australian Open Trivia #2: The youngest men’s player to win the Australian Open

Professional Australian tennis player, Ken Rosewall holds the record of being the youngest men’s player to win the Australian, He has won 23 Major titles while reaching a record 35 Major finals and was known for his powerful backhand, enjoying a long career in the highest levels.

Australian Open Trivia #3: 26 unbeaten and then Marat Safin

In 2005, Fourth seed Marat Safin from Russia bought a stunning end to Defending champion Roger Federer’s 26 matches unbeaten run in the Australian Open Semifinal. The Russian won the bout after 4 hours and 38 minutes, exacting revenge for his loss to Roger Federer in the finals the year before.

Australian Open Trivia #4: The oldest men’s player to win the Australian Open 

Ken Rosewall is the oldest player to win the Australian Open at the age of 37 years and 2 months back in the year 1972.  A natural left-hander who was taught by his father to play right-handed. He is the only player to simultaneously hold Pro Grand Slam Titles on three different surfaces.

Australian Open Trivia #5: David vs Goliath, Mark Edmondson vs John Newcombe

The Magnitude of Goliath’s upset versus David resonates in Mark Edmondson’s victory over John Newcombe in the 1976 Australian Open finals, as it is etched on the minds of long-time tennis fans. Making the memory bittersweet for Australians as no Aussie male has won ever since.

Australian Open Trivia #6: The Agassi-Sampras Rivalry 

Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras were tennis players who both ranked no 1 during the 1990s who played each other 34 times from, Named as one of the greatest rivalries ever. Andre Agassi's victory over his rival in the 2000 semis was a significant one as he became the first man to reach four consecutive Grand Slam finals.

Australian Open Trivia #7: The only player to have won both grass and hard court

Until 1988 when hard courts were introduced, The Australian Open was a grass-court tournament. Winning the singles titles in 1983, 1984, and 1988, Mats Wilander is the only player to have won it on both grass and hard court.

Australian Open Trivia #8: Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal, 2009 Finals

When Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer in the  2009 Finals, The Spaniard then ranked no. 1 became the first Spanish tennis player to win a slam on hard courts, earning him a win a major on all three surfaces.

Australian Open Trivia #9: 20 Grand slams in Open Era

Roger Federer became the first men’s player ever to win 20 Grand slams in the Open Era in 2018 beating Marin Cilic in the Australian Open finals. At 36 years of age, Roger Federer added another chapter to his long career with this win.

Australian Open Trivia #10: A Calendar Grand Slam

There was history to be made as the first Australian Open was held in 1969, as Australia’s local hero Rod Laver won the men’s singles title and took his first step towards completing a calendar Grand Slam, that is winning all four Grand Slam titles in a single year.

Australian Open Bonus Trivia: The unbeaten semi-finalist

Novak Djokovic holds a perfect record in the Australian Open semifinals currently standing with 9 victories to zero defeats. His latest victory came in the Australian Open 2021 semis against the 114th ranked Aslan Karatsev.

With all eyes set on the finals, we are nearing a conclusion to this exhilarating series that we have been able to experience over these few weeks. Looking forward to the finals, let us know which facts intrigued your interest and stand out the most to you.

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