Fans turns hostile in Paris as PSG succumb to Bayern Munich in Champions League final

Shocking incidents followed Paris Saint-Germain's defeat in the Champions League final to Bayern Munich and things escalated to an extent where riot police had to intervene and make sure social distancing was enforced among the people. Pictures emerged where fans were captured destroying and burning vehicles near Paris’ famous Champs-Elysees.

A massive crowd had gathered at the renowned spot to watch the final between PSG and Bayern Munich but were left heartbroken as their team went down due to a Kingsley Coman header in the latter half of the game.

A lot of devastation was reported by the locals as the fans went furious and decided to take matter in their hands. They came down to the streets and destroyed property and automobiles. Pictures of firefighters extinguishing a smoking vehicle went viral and a lot of cars were damaged.

The area around the Parc des Princes was tense and perpetrators were seen throwing flares in the Champs-Elysees. The fans were also seen marching down the Promenade in large numbers and the city was seen under huge trouble. Riot police were then seen forcing themselves in bars to remove the raging people out and enforce social distancing.

One of the videos had riot police turning physical as they clashed with the patrons who didn’t follow social distancing or refused to wear masks. Before the game, the Interior Ministry had requested people to stay indoors and enjoy the game. The statement said, “Make the most of the moment with peace of mind and watch the match from your couch. Protect yourself, protect others. Everyone behind PSG.”

With the French top-flight commencing the 2020-21 season over the weekend, fans may find it easy to forget the loss in their first-ever appearance in Europe’s biggest club competition. PSG star Neymar was also seen devastated after the game and was one of the few PSG players to be captured grieving in tears. 

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