FIFA 21 FUT Freeze: Jose Gaya SBC Challenge {Cost and Requirements}

EA has announced the latest player in the FIFA 21 FUT Freeze SBC, and it is the Spanish defender Jose Gaya in a whole new role

Jose Gaya SBC Challenge went live on December 14. In this article, we will tell you how to complete the challenge. 

The ongoing FIFA 21 FUT Freeze Promo has replaced the usual FUTMAS we see every year. In this, there are special teams, but all the players have new roles and positions. The latest in this list the Spanish left-back Jose Gaya, who plays for Valencia. His new role is as a striker and his stats have also been changed accordingly. 

Since this is a complete overhaul of roles, his shooting has changed from 64 in his regular card to 84 in the SBC. A similar change is also there in his dribbling & pace, both receiving a 5-point boost. His passing has been increased a notch, and his physicality is now 89. 

Jose Gaya SBC: Total cost and requirements

If you are really keen on having Jose Gaya in your SBC, it shouldn't really take a lot of effort. There are a few better options you can go for. But, Gaya will cost you 53,000 to 65,000 FUT Coins. It depends on which platform you play on.

Here are the requirements to complete the Jose Gaya SBC:

                                 One Segment
Number of Players from La Liga SantanderMinimum 1
Team of the Week or FUT Champions PlayersMinimum 1  
Squad Rating     84
Team Chemistry     80
Number of Players in the Squad     11

However, Gaya also has a 3-match loan option which should cost you around 5,000 FUT coins. This is the same price across all platforms and it is pretty easy to secure. 

Jose Gaya Loan Requirements
Number of players from SpainMinimum 1
Player LevelMinimum Bronze
Team ChemistryMinimum 35
Number of players in the squad6

If you are keen to check out how Gaya is in his new role, you can't wait for too long. Both his regular & loan SBC will expire on December 16th. 

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