SportCo Fantasy Fights: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Ray Leonard

Arguably two of the best welterweights of all time, Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are two of the most complete welterweights to ever step inside the ring. Both with the highest level of abilities and technical skills.

Floyd Mayweather is called the best to ever do it by many. Whereas, Sugar Ray Leonard is considered the Greatest Welterweight of all time. 

Would Floyd Mayweather Jr. be able to maintain his perfect record against the great, Sugar Ray Leonard? We’ll take a look at the resume, accomplishments, and way of boxing from both the boxer before answering. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Ray Leonard: Stats comparison 

Floyd Mayweather Jr: 50-0

One of the best professional records in the history of boxing, Mayweather’s impeccable defense has always been impossible to beat. Many greats tried but all failed, Mayweather had one of the most frustrating boxing styles.

Floyd Mayweather’s resume is filled with superstars, with names like Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Canelo, Manny Pacquiao, Conor McGregor, and many more. 

Mayweather has won 15 major World Championships. He was a World Champion in 5 different weight divisions, from Super featherweight to Light Middleweight. 

Sugar Ray Leonard: 36-3-1

Sugar Ray might not have a perfect record but his style of boxing was considered entertaining by many, with his quick hands and fast footwork, Sugar Ray Leonard obliterated whoever came in front of him.

Ray Leonard’s 3 losses might look bad compared to Mayweather’s but his losses came by the end of his career. 

One of his losses was against the legendary Roberto Duran, it was a controversial victory for the champion but nonetheless, Ray Leonard avenged his loss by defeating Duran twice before the end of his career. 

Sugar Ray Leonard has won six World Championships, including titles in the Light Heavy Weight division. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Ray Leonard: Style of Fighting 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. had one of the most perfect styles of fighting ever but it was often considered as boring. 

He did not have any flashy footwork, no one-punch knockouts, and no flair in his style of boxing. Floyd Mayweather was an expert in defense and counter-punching.

He had a Philly Shell boxing style where he depended on his shoulder, the shoulder roll, to make the opponent miss their punches while guarding his body. 

Mayweather always had his right hand ready to go, whenever the opponent missed their punch, Mayweather would launch a quick right to score clean points throughout the rounds.

Sugar Ray Leonard was a master when it came to stealing the rounds. Whenever he faced a power puncher, he would use his elite footwork to move out the way of the opponents throughout the rounds but as the round came to an end, Leonard would launch a flurry of punches, scoring points to win the round. 

Sugar Ray’s hand speed was the best during his time of boxing as no one came close to the welterweight, he would use his foot feints and body jabs to create openings against the opponents before he would display his show of fast hands. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Ray Leonard: Fight Prediction

When it comes down to predicting the fight, we know many people will disagree no matter who we pick as the winner. That just shows how great these both were in their respective eras. If you disagree, please take it as a personal opinion of ours. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the finest boxers to ever participate in the sport but many argue how he never faced anyone at the absolute peak of their powers. For Sugar Ray Leonard, many would argue that he does not have a perfect record like Mayweather’s. 

In their primes, we believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. would give a tough fight to Sugar Ray Leonard but will fail to win. It would either end in a Split Decision victory to Ray Leonard or a Majority Draw. 

Ray Leonard’s IQ mixed with his fancy footwork and punching speed would be a little tough for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to defend. 

Sugar Ray Leonard is known for not falling into traps and getting counter-punched. The fight would surely be extremely close either way. 

Who would you choose as the winner in this Fantasy fight? Let us know by commenting down below. 

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