Top 5 football clubs which holds a record for longest unbeaten run

Winning a plethora of games gives a club a special status and only a handful of teams have managed to etch their names in the book of invincibility by going on an impressive unbeaten league run.

It's very rare to find when a team emanates high-profile performance and goes countless games unbeaten. Losing, drawing, and winning is the part of the game, although once you embark on the winning streak it makes losing seem impossible.

 As some clubs get accustomed to winning with their great squads, the mentality and determination of players become desperate for more wins, and they deliver more eye-catching displays in games.  

In this article, we take a look at the top five teams with the longest unbeaten runs in European Leagues:

5. Chelsea (2004/05)
Unbeaten League Run: 40 Matches 

Chelsea 2004/05: The defensive record that will never be broken
source- 90 min

After taking charge of Chelsea in 2004, Jose Mourinho led the club to a remarkable run. Mourinho at the peak of his powers, injected his philosophy and formed a robust squad in Europe. 

He was assigned to win the Premier League with the club, and end Manchester United and Arsenal's domination. He suffered his first loss over Manchester City in the October of 2004, which was the last and final defeat.

Chelsea then embarked on one of the finest runs in their history they were unbeaten for the next 12 months and 3 weeks, by doing so the Blues won their first-ever Premier League.

However, their streak finally came to an end after losing at the hands of Manchester United in the 2005/06 campaign. Nonetheless, Mourinho fired the club to the consecutive Premier League titles. 

4. Barcelona (2017/18)
Unbeaten League Run: 43 Matches 

Barcelona announce club-record €910million revenue for 2017/18 season
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The Catalans giants have produced many heart-warming memories and this one has surely gone down in the history of football. The club registered another record after going 43-match undefeated. 

Barcelona could have become the only La Liga side to has ever gone through an entire season without losing a game. They were almost close to putting the final nail in the coffin after avoiding a loss in 36 games. 

However, Barcelona lost to Levante 5-4 in the penultimate league game which was their first league defeat since going down 2-0 to Malaga on April 8, 2017. 

After then Barcelona sailed on a 43-match unbeaten run in the La Liga, surpassing Real Sociedad, and other La Liga teams, and ultimately winning the La Liga after 12 points ahead of second-place Atletico Madrid.  

3. Arsenal (2003/04)
Unbeaten League Run: 49 Matches 

The Invincibles' go 49 games unbeaten | History | News |
source- arsenal

Arsenal is renowned for their longest undefeated run in Premier League history, the club was then managed by one and only Arsene Wenger. 

The Gunners went an entire season without losing a game, challenging some of the heavyweights of Premier League, such as overwhelming Manchester United and the cash infused Chelsea to make history. 

Thierry Henry was the cornerstone of this run, Arsenal had one of the greatest forward lines and a solid back. During the course of that season Gunners only conceded a mere 26 goals, Arsene Wenger heaped praises for his philosophy and was labeled Sir Alex Ferguson’s first true equal.

Their 49-game unbeaten league run finally ended in a controversial loss to Manchester United in the following season, which was their last Premier League trophy. 

2. Bayern Munich (2012/14)
Unbeaten League Run: 53 Matches 

FC Bayern München 2012-13: The Significant Moments of this Season's  Champions League Campaign - Bavarian Football Works
source- Bavarian football works

The Bavarians under Jupp Heynckes were indomitable and amassed multiple trophies, the club also became the first and only side to go 50-matches undefeated in the Bundesliga. 

They registered 53 wins between the 2012 and 2014 seasons. Bayern commenced their run in October 2012 and would go an entire season without suffering a loss. 

The club was a dominant force during that time and was unbeaten till April 2014. However, a shock defeat to Augsburg on 5th April ended their run. 

Bayern Munich unbeaten still stands in the history books of football which will be seen for several years in German football. 

1. AC Milan (1991/93)
Unbeaten League Run: 58 Matches 

The Milan team with a BETTER record than Arsenal's unbeaten side –  remembering AC Milan's very own Invincibles – talkSPORT
source- talkSPORT

Many football fans know AC Milan for their dominant era in Europe and Serie A. The club has racked up countless trophies and was lauded for being metronome in every top competition.

The 1991 side was indomitable who would go 58 games without suffering a defeat (also the longest unbeaten run by a club side in football) and was regarded as one of the best sides in the world of football. 

The Italian Giants were glorified during that time for their achievements, as Serie A back then was one of the most competitive leagues with top-class teams such as Napoli, Sampdoria, Fiorentina, Juventus, and Inter Milan. 

AC Milan went 58 games undefeated, before finally being stopped.    

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