What top football stars are doing in self-isolation?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many footballers to stay in isolation as few cases were tested positive across the footballing world. With English football being postponed further until April 30, footballers may see themselves stay longer in isolation as the world attempts to combat the threat of the coronavirus. 

Here’s a look at what the footballers are up to.

Locking themselves up

a) Cristiano Ronaldo

After a couple of Juventus stars tested positive for the virus, Cristiano Ronaldo left Italy with his family for his hometown of Madeira in Portugal. He locked himself down in his apartment and was spotted by the pool on his balcony. However, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez ventured out to shop for groceries. 

b) Lionel Messi

The Barca star is also self-isolating with his family after Spain have become a hotbed of the pandemic. Messi shared a pic of himself and his kids on social media and said health must always comes first. He also said it’s time to be responsible and stay at home and make the most of the time with family as one wouldn't be around them always.

Stay At Home challenge

Bruno Fernandes and co.

A host of footballers have taken up the Stay At Home challenge. Utd’s new signing Bruno Fernandes recently aced the challenge. He showed up his skills with a toilet roll, playingkeepy-uppy with it. Jamie Carragher, Odion Ighalo, Granit Xhaka & Theo Walcott and even Lionel Messi had a crack at the challenge.

Working it out

Training is a habit and hence, footballers have not given up on it in isolation. Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos shared his home workout – running on the treadmill. Arsenal star Shkodran Mustafi won hearts as he cycled on his bike, while his daughter fed him ice-cream as she sat on the handle. David Silva worked out, doing squats with his kid on his shoulders.

Shuffle the deck

Few footballers showed off their dance moves as they hopped up and down the staircase. Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain joined the challenge, with his partner Perrie Edwards

Dog’s day out in workout

Few footballers took their time out to work out with their pets. Chelsea defender Maria Thorisdottir worked out with her pet, but she faced a tough challenge to go through her drills as her pet kept vying for attention. Douglas Costa was, however, lucky, making his pet dog run after him as he showed off his football skills.

Getting creative to while away time

And someone like Liverpool’s James Milner came up with creative ways to while away time. He rationed the tea bags for the week. He came up with a unique way to level out his lawn. He took a scale and a scissor to even out the lawn, one blade of leaf at a time.

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