French Open 2021 Prediction: Overview | Quarter-Finals | Semi-Finals | Final

French Open 2021: Overview

Rolland Garros is the mystical playground with red clay sapping your sweat, ball bouncing more than usual makes you hit harder to hit winners. 

The average rally length is 6 to 8 so it makes you work 30% more than hard courts and 50% more than grass courts. 

In a nutshell, a player has to have endurance, variety, power, grit, and power to win at the Roland Garros. 

So it is no surprise that GOAT Federer has won it only once. Pete Sampras, McEnroe, Boris Becker, Jimmy Connors etc could never win it . 

Federer lacks the strength to whistle winners from behind the baseline and that is his undoing and this is the reason for him to not so successful at red clay. 

The 'King of Clay' is Rafael Nadal, who has 20 grand slams under his belt and he is bidding for 21st at French open 2021 to eclipse Federer from the throne. 

Rafael Nadal has 13 titles and he is aiming for his 14th so 70% of his grand slams from one tournament and probably that is the reason Federer is the quintessential GOAT and not Nadal.

French open saps your energy and you are drained, your muscles ache and that is the reason in 4th round Berrettini got the walkover from Federer. 

Lorenzo Musetti had played a five-setter and he won two sets against Novak Djokovic but he got fatigued and he gave a walkover. So two players have reached the French Open quarterfinals courtesy of a walkover. This can happen only at the French Open.

Lets talk about Women. In the quarter-finals, there are 3 unseeded players and out of the top 10 seeds only one has survived. 

It was sad to see Serena's movement. She is a shadow of her past. Serena Williams wants to win the record 24th Grand Slam title with probably Wimbledon providing her a great chance to clinch that elusive 24th crown.

French Open 2021 Quarter Final Prediction: Men's Singles

1. Zverev (6th) vs Fokina

Fokina has surprised everyone by defeating C Rudd and Delbonis in two rounds. Fokina has a very lethal backhand and his average speed is among the top 5 hitters. 

The Spaniard has shown consistency along with a low error rate at the french open. 

On the other hand, Zverev has been inconsistent. He should have won the US open last year but he committed lot of unruly errors. He got his jitters in the first round against a qualifier and after that, he has been in prime form at the Roland Garros. 

Fokina will have problems in handling Zverev serves and should lose in 4 sets or three

Head to Head Record: Zverev leads 2-0 against Fokina.

French Open 2021 Quarter Final 1 Prediction: So we expect Zverev to prevail against Fokina in the Quarter-Finals.

2. Tsitsipas (5th) vs Medvedev (2nd)

This is one match I am eagerly awaiting. Both players are in a good flow of form. Medvedev is a  counterpuncher like Djokovic. 

However, at clay one is able to reach the ball if it is not hit with power. Medvedev does not hit with power so Tsitsipas will be able to reach the ball. On the flipside, Tsitsipas does commit unforced errors while going for his shots.

Head to Head Record: Medvedev leads 6-1 against Tsitsipas.

French Open 2021 Quarter Final 2 Prediction: However, I am predicting Tsitsipas to win. The reason being the clay court. On hard court, Medvedev would have been a firm favorite to win over Tsitsipas.

3. Djokovic (1st) vs Berrettini (9th)

The way Djokovic held his nerve against Musetti even after losing the first two sets shows the focus of Djokovic to hold more titles than Federer and Nadal. Berrettini has a very powerful forehand but he only slices from the backhand. 

Head to Head: Djokovic beat Berrettini in straight sets in their only meeting

French Open 2021 Quarter Final 3 Prediction: Djokovic will catch him in cage play and wear him out and displace him. This is one match I would not like to see. Berrettini can win only if Djokovic has some injury.

4. Nadal (3rd) vs Schwartzman (10th)

It's the battle of great groundstrokes. Schwartzman is the shortest player in top 10 but his powerful groundstrokes where he jumps to get power in his shot, which is also quite unique.

Head to Head Record: Nadal leads 10-1 and it will become 11-1 after the French Open Quarter-Finals 2021.

French Open 2021 Quarter Final 4 Prediction: Nadal is going to win but not without a fight. The match will go to four sets and Nadal is going to win by displacing Schwartzman.

French Open 2021 Semi Final Predictions: Men's Singles

1. Nadal vs Djokovic

What a letdown, they should have played at the finals. Djokovic has very little chance to beat Nadal on clay since Djokovic does not have the power in his winners to go past Nadal. 

The Serbian's shots can be retrieved by Nadal at clay as the ball bounces more and Nadal hits heavy topspin from behind the baseline to keep the ball in the court. 

Famous cage play becomes ineffective against Nadal. Djokovic hits from forehand to backhand in cross-court by moving towards backhand. 

Nadal is able to hit down the line forehand winners. Similar tactics on hard court are very effective but not at clay.
Head to Head Record: Djokovic leads 29-28 against Nadal

Prediction: On clay and especially at the French open, Nadal last lost to Djokovic in 2015 when the spaniard was battling injuries. 

French Open 2021 Semi Final 1 Predictions: I expect Nadal to win in 4 sets

2. Tsitsipas vs Zverev

This will be an intriguing match to watch. Baseline duels, thumping shots of Zverev, and wrist whipping by Tsitsipas. Zverev is playing well and he has the game to beat Nadal. 

However, Tsitsipas changes pace, spin and direction at will and can break the rhythm of Zevrev's game. This match will be worth watching. The antics of both players will keep us entertained.

Head to Head: Tsitsipas leads 5-2 against Zverev

French Open 2021 Semi Final 2 Prediction: We expect the match to go down to the wire. However, I am predicting Tsitsipas to prevail against Zverev and win in 5 sets. 

French Open 2021 Final Prediction: Men's Singles

Nadal vs Tsitsipas

Tsitsipas succumbed to Nadal this year on clay at the Barcelona Open.  However, the Greek gave a tough competition to the King of Clay on the latter's favorite surface. 

Further at Rolland Garros, to beat Nadal, will need a player who has a good serve and hits powerful flat shots from the baseline. 

Both these aspects are there with Tsitsipas. If my viewers will remember the drubbing of Nadal by Soderling and Tsonga, then they will understand why at french open Djokovic or Federer couldn't stop the juggernaut of Nadal.

French Open 2021 Final Prediction: We predict a new Champion this time at the French Open, with Tsitispas winning his maiden Roland Garros title.

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