LA Clippers v/s Dallas Mavericks Game 7: A Series of Records - NBA Playoffs 2020-21

LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks: Game 7 Match Analysis

A Game of 7 series is never a boring one. LA Clippers v/s Dallas Mavericks was one such Round 1 Series in the NBA Playoffs which was apparently not supposed to be such a close one, but it was Luka Doncic's and the Dallas Mavericks Role Players who stretched the Stacked LA Clippers to Game 7. 

The Clippers were on the verge of Elimination where they were down 3-2 after which they won 2 straight and took away the series and advance to the Round 2 of the Playoffs

NBA playoffs: Clippers top Mavericks in Game 7, will face Jazz next
Kawhi had the Last Laugh - Source - USA Today

Clippers Survive

This was the second consecutive season where LA Clippers faced Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs. 

Last year in the NBA Bubble, it was Luka Magic Again, which troubled them throughout the series, but they were short on a few players the series due to injuries and was won 4-2 by Clippers. 

However, this season, the Clippers lost 1st two games of the series and were down 2-0 at home, but the LA Clippers rallied by winning the next two away games at Dallas Mavericks and the series progressed where they were down 3-2 again on brink of elimination. 

The Clippers were down and out of the series, but Kawhi Leonard had different Plans and lead the team with a 4-3 series win against the Dallas Mavericks.

Justin Kubatko on Twitter: "The @LAClippers made 20 3P in yesterday's win  over the Mavericks, three more than any other team in NBA history has made  in a Game 7. Marcus Morris
Marcus Morris Score 7 Three-Pointers - Source - Twitter

A Surprise 3 point resurgence in Game 7

At the start of the series, Dallas Mavericks were cooking the LA Clippers from beyond the arc. They were shooting more than 50% from the 3-point, converting 55 of their 100 attempts but post that, there was a clear downfall.

To come up short in Game 7 was a total downfall for the squad where they were missing open 3's. There was an opposite trend for the LA Clippers in Game 7 - Dallas Mavericks had a horrible 10 of 36 shooting, where the LA Clippers created an NBA Record for most 3's in the Game 7 of the playoffs where they scored 20 of 43 with 48% shooting where to a surprise Marcus Morris lead with 7 threes.

3-point shooting failures, first-round series loss suggest Mavs haven't  even begun to build around Luka Doncic
Down and Out, Mavericks are eliminated from the Playoffs - Source - Dallas Morning News

Luka Doncic Needs Support

Kristaps Porzingis is just not good as he was once used to be. Luka Doncic carried the whole series against the Clippers alongside Tim Hardaway Jr. Doncic averaged 35.7 points, 7.9 rebounds,10.3 assists, and 1.3 steals per game. 

Luka Donic had a historic Game 7 performance of 46 points, 14 assists, shooting 17-30. This was 3rd highest scoring Game 7 performance in the History of the Game.

Dallas Mavericks has never gone past Round 1 of their Playoffs, post their Title Winning Season in 2011

Records Created in the NBA Playoffs

Luka Doncic Becomes Youngest Player to score 40 Plus Points in a Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs - which was held by LeBron James

A lot of Team Records Broken in Game 7 for the LA Clippers

Just a Poor Season for Kristaps Porizingis - and look at his Paycheck

Luka Donic already has Five 40 - point Playoff games in 13 appearances 

A Surprising home record

Luka Doncic is the first player to record 275+ points, 75 rebounds, and 75 assists in his first nine playoff games

Tim Hardaway Jr is the 3rd most Efficient Shooter in the current Playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard is the 4th player in NBA postseason history with 45 points and 70% FG when facing elimination, joining Jamal Murray, LeBron James, and Wilt Chamberlain.


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