Top 5 Greatest UFC Fighters of All Time

Over the years, we have seen many talents across the world step into the octagon to prove themselves, who amongst them climbed to the top? 

Hence, In the below article, we list down 5 top greatest UFC fighters of all time. Please know that this is through our analysis, whatever differences you may have, let us know in the comment section below!

5. Khabib Nurmagomedov 

Record: 29-0 (19 Finishes)

Title Defenses: 3

Khabib Nurmagomedov might not be amongst the longest reigning world champions in the UFC but he surely makes a name when it comes to being amongst the most dominant World Champions in UFC history. Officially, Khabib has only ever lost 2 rounds. 

No elite fighter has looked elite when he has stepped into the octagon against The Eagle. Had Khabib fought any longer, he might’ve made a name for being the undisputed GOAT but with only 3 title defenses, it is not enough to be the undisputed greatest UFC fighters of all time. 

4. Demetrious Johnson 

Record: 30-4-1 (17 Finishes)

Title Defenses: 11

Some might say he left the UFC a little early, which is true. Demetrious Johnson was for long considered the greatest fighter of all time before he was knocked out by Henry Cejudo. 

After which Mighty Mouse would leave the UFC for ONE Championship, this would be a major downfall if you consider his legacy. 

However, no one goes on to defend his World Title 11 times without being an all-time great. DJ was one of the most skilled fighters in the UFC, whenever he fought the fans expected nothing but entertainment. 

Had he continued fighting and winning in the UFC, we might have had a different fighter in the top spot? 

3. Anderson Silva

Record: 34-11 (26 Finishes)

Title Defenses: 10

The only fighter on the list with so many losses but people don’t care about losses when it comes to a warrior inside the octagon. One of the most dominant World Champions to ever grace the octagon, Anderson Silva is a legend. 

Without a second thought, people would consider him to be the most entertaining fighter in MMA History. 

With his signature taunts inside the octagon with his hands down, Anderson Silva’s head movement mixed with his boxing is one of the best we have ever seen. We are glad that he’s having a successful boxing career so far. 

These qualities help Anderson Silva take the No. 3 spot on our list of greatest UFC fighters of all time. 

2. Jon Jones

Record: 26-1 (16 Finishes)

Title Defenses: 11

Had it not been for controversies, Jon Jones would’ve been the undisputed GOAT in the history of the organization. Jones has never lost a fight, he was disqualified in a fight for an illegal elbow where he was winning the fight.

Jon Jones became the Light-Heavyweight World Champion at the age of 23, the youngest ever. He now looks forward to fighting his first opponent in the Heavyweight Division as no one in the Light Heavyweight division was able to dethrone him. 

1. Georges St-Pierre 

Record: 26-2 (14 Finishes)

Title Defenses: 9

Topping our list of the greatest UFC fighters of all time is the Canadian, Georges St-Pierre. GSP was a complete package inside the octagon, whether it was striking, wrestling, ground game, Georges was in a league of his own. 

GSP lost only twice throughout his career and he managed to avenge both his losses in quite some fashion. 

After defending his Welterweight for the 9th time against Johny Hendricks, GSP decided it was time to retire in 2013, a very early retirement for someone who seemed to be in his prime. 

4 years later, he would return into the octagon for one last time against Michael Bisping for the UFC Middleweight World Championship. GSP would add another belt to his collection before finally retiring, who knows maybe he could still have a possible return? 

So dear UFC fans, do you agree with the above list on the greatest UFC fighters of all time? 

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