How Much These Golfing Legends Are Potentially Making on Instagram?

American pro golfer Jack Nicklaus has the potential to be making the most on Instagram, banking a potential $2,108 per sponsored post

In second place is John Daly, who could earn up to $1,498 per Instagram post

Unfortunately, Bernhard Langer only has the potential to earn an estimated $128 per sponsored post

After many successful years of tournaments, swings, and hole-in-one wins, the experts at Golf Support wanted to see how much the senior golfing pros could potentially earn on Instagram.

Sport Star FollowersPotential Earnings 
Jack Nicklaus 429,000 $2,108 
John Daly301,000 $1,498 
Greg Norman175,000 $868 
Gary Player100,000 $657 
Miguel Ángel Jiménez43,200$373 
Vijay Singh18,700 $200 
Tom Watson 17,900 $195 
Colin Montgomerie14,100 $151 
Steve Stricker12,200 $138 
Bernhard Langer11,800$128 

Highest Potential Instagram Earners

Jack Nicklaus | Photo Credit: Barry Salmons

The American pro golfer Jack Nicklaus comes in first place with potential estimated earnings of $2,108 per sponsored Instagram post. ‘The Golden Bear’ golfer as he is fondly known as, also has the highest Instagram following, with over 429,000 fans following. 

Fellow American pro golfer John Daly claims second place. With a following of 301K, the PGA Tour five-time winner has the potential to earn $1,498 per sponsored post! 

Australian entrepreneur and retired professional golfer Greg Norman secured a spot in the top three with potential earnings of $868 for each sponsored post! 

Lowest Potential Instagram Earners

Steve Stricker | Photo Credits: L.E. MORMILE

Steve Stricker comes in ninth place. Even with 12 PGA Tour victories under his belt this American pro golfer only has the potential to earn $138 per sponsored post. 

With just 11,800 followers, German professional golfer Bernhard Langer, unfortunately, claims the last place! The two-time Masters champion only has the potential to earn an estimated $128 each time he posts on Instagram. 

** extracted the data from Instagram on the 16th November 2020 and all data is accurate as of then.

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