Jurgen Klopp still keen on breaking Manchester City's points tally record

Liverpool boss was in a very salty mood after suffering a thrashing from the former Premier League champions Manchester City. Liverpool received a guard of honor, a classic gesture from Pep Guardiola and his squad but they did not respect Klopp’s men on the field. City scored three goals in the first half and ended the match 4-0.

However, the score could’ve been six or seven too. Klopp’s displeasure was very visible in the post-match interview. However, Klopp said that beating Manchester City’s Premier League record of 100 points is still a target for Liverpool. The Citizens set the record with 100 points during the 2017-18 season.

Liverpool have already acquired the title but the record is yet to be broken. The Reds though can still reach a maximum of 104 points this campaign and Klopp said the record was a motivation for his team.

When asked about it in the news conference after the match, he said, “Look, it is, but we cannot force that. To go there, we have to win football games and we didn’t do that today. So in the first place, we should now make sure we are ready for Aston Villa. The points tally at the end of the season is the result of the results we collect until then.”

Klopp went on to mention how poor Liverpool were on the set-pieces and the throw-ins and at the same time, City with the quality they have were absolutely ruthless on the counter. Klopp said that if the team is not perfect then there are a lot of openings and that is something City took advantage of.

Liverpool’s remaining fixtures this season are against Aston Villa, Brighton and Hove Albion, Burnley, Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle United. As it seems, only the game against the Blues can turn out to be a tricky one. Liverpool will be the clear favorites for the rest of the games. 

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