Manchester City vs Paris Saint-Germain Player Ratings: Champions League Second-Leg

Man City vs PSG Player Ratings:

The UCL semi-final between Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain was a joy for the Blue jerseys and any football fan, apart from PSG supporters. 

Pep Guardiola put on a master-class and showed how to defend a lead properly. Let us take a look at the player ratings for the Man City vs PSG game based on their performances tonight. 

Man City Player Ratings:

Ederson: 7/10

Was not tested throughout the game. He managed to provide one of the key passes which led to the first goal for Manchester City, was comfortable with his feet throughout the game but put Silva under pressure with a throw pass in the first half which created a chance for Di Maria, luckily he was off target. 

Kyle Walker: 7.5/10

Walker displayed toughness in defense as he was able to put up 6 tackles and 3 interceptions. He was also fluid in the attack but turned the ball over a few times. Showed composure whenever put under pressure and used his pace for good. Kept the dangerous Neymar quiet for the entire game. 

John Stones: 8/10

No one was able to get past the Englishman or win the ball from him the whole night. Solid defending with 2 crucial blocks, also got 4 clearances to his name. He was tested more in the first half, and managed to rise to the occasion each time. 

Ruben Dias: 8.5/10

zinchenko and Ruben Dias
The Right flank of PSG was completely shut down thanks to this duo. Image Credits: @ManCityUS

Put on an absolutely solid performance on defense, that sums up his game well. He was challenged on his biggest game of the career so far and he managed to display his class throughout the game. 

Made important blocks and clearances in the first half of the game, kept Neymar silent throughout the game. Hence, our player ratings for Ruben Dias' defensive display in the Man City vs PSG game is 8.5/10.

Oleksandr Zinchenko: 8.5/10

The Ukrainian was a wall in defense and a threat on attack. He managed to complete 67 passes with 96% accuracy, one of which was a low cross to Kevin De Bruyne before Mahrez scored his first goal. 

Blocked one of Neymar’s shots inside the penalty box, which could’ve ended up in goal. He was also connecting well with the midfield, especially De Bruyne.

Fernandinho: 7.5/10

Captained the team well on his birthday. His involvement in the game was not as much but he played his part well as he committed no errors and maintained the tempo of the game whenever he got the ball, he was good defensively as well. 

Sportco feels Fernandinho deserves a 7.5/10 player ratings for his captain's display in the second leg between Man City and PSG. 

Ikay Gundogan: 7/10

Did what he does best, controlling the midfield. He did not make any major plays or committed any errors, was calm whenever he had the ball and filled the defensive lane correctly. 

Bernando Silva: 6/10

Committed an error under pressure when the underhand pass was played to him by Ederson, which almost ended up in the back of the net. Apart from that, he controlled the pace well. Was later replaced by Raheem Sterling

Riyad Mahrez: 9/10 (Hero of the Match)

Mahrez goal vs PSG
Riyad Mahrez had a performance of a lifetime against PSG tonight. Image Credits: @ChampionsLeague

Well, his stats speak for the rating he got. Scored both the goals of the evening and managed to be a threat from the opening minutes to the final minutes. Mahrez looked extremely sharp and had a clinical performance in front of the goal. Hence, our player ratings for Riyad Mahrez Masterclass display in the Man City vs PSG game is a 9/10 and also our 'Man of the Match'.

Phil Foden: 8.5/10

The Man City youngster looked like a ball of confidence running the game, he managed to assist the second goal with a beautiful low cross squaring it to Mahrez for an easy finish past Navas. Foden would have been another contender for the man of the match.

He kept going at the PSG defenders through the 90 minutes, and also hit the post later in the game. Aguero was the man to replace him in the final few moments. Sportco's player ratings for Phil Foden for the Man City vs PSG game is a well-deserved 8.5/10. 

Kevin De Bruyne: 7/10

The Belgian was involved in both the goals in some way. De Bruyne was decent in the midfield but did not do anything extraordinary. Gabriel Jesus was subbed on for him in the 80 minute mark. Sportco's player ratings for Kevin De Bruyne is a 7/10 for the Man City vs PSG game.

Subs: Gabriel Jesus: 6.5, Raheem Sterling: 6, Aguero: 5

PSG Player Ratings:

Keylor Navas: 6.5/10

Made a couple of good saves in the second half but couldn’t really do anything about the two goals scored by Mahrez. Denied Foden one on one, where Foden was offside. 

Alessandro Florenzi: 5.5/10

Was not involved much in the game except intercepting a lob from Foden which could’ve been a potential goal for Kevin De Bruyne. Substituted off for Dagba in the second half. 

Marquinhos: 7/10

The Brazilian looked like the only one who believed in winning, kept trying from start to end but couldn’t do much alone. One of his headers hit the crossbars in the starting minutes and also made a few good defensive plays. 

Marquinhos deserves 7/10 player ratings for the second leg between Man City and PSG despite getting knockout by the better team. 

Presnel Kimpembe: 6/10

Looked solid as a defender, but was not challenged enough as Manchester City played without a striker. Made a reckless tackle on Jesus in the final minutes which looked like a red card but was lucky enough to get away with a yellow.

Abdou Diallo: 6/10

Made good passes and tackles the whole game. Diallo wasn’t able to catch up with Mahrez’s pace when the second goal was scored. Bakker replaced him at the end. Our player ratings for Abdou Diallo would a generous 6/10 for the Man City vs PSG game.

Ander Herrera: 5.5/10

Did not create anything in the midfield, was kept silent by Fernandinho. Lost his temper in the first half, which resulted in a yellow card for him. He was replaced by Julian Draxler by the 60th minute. 

Not the best night in Manchester for the former Man United midfielder and hence, we give Herrera a 5.5/10 player ratings for his display in the Man City vs PSG second leg.

Leandro Paredes: 4.5/10

Almost nowhere to be seen throughout the fixture, barely did anything in the attack. He lost his temper, throwing the ball at the opposition’s head and grabbing Zinchenko when faced. His poor display of sportsmanship earns him 4.5/10 player ratings for the Man City vs PSG second leg encounter. 

Marco Veratti: 7/10

Made good passes from his position and made good ball rotations in the midfield and attack. He also lost his cool in the late minutes of the game, which displayed poor sportsmanship. Apart from that, he was decent.

Angel Di Maria: 2/10 (Villain of the match)

Missed an open chance from around 23 yards away from the goal. He looked like a threat in the opening minutes before his efficiency and decision-making started dropping. 

Made a foolish decision by stomping Fernandinho intentionally which caused him to see the red card. Hence, Di Maria was the villain of the match and deserves 2/10 player ratings for the Man City vs PSG Champions League semi-final second leg.

Neymar Jr: 6.5/10

Neymar vs Ruben Dias
Neymar failed to break the deadlock for PSG. Image Credits: @FootyAccums

PSG’s superstar was not able to put on a show without his partner, Kylian Mbappe.

Pulled a few shots inside the penalty box which were blocked excellently by the Manchester City defense. Neymar was trying to come up with something but failed to do so on many occasions. 

At times, he looked to have overplayed with constant dribbling and becoming more predictable to the City defenders as the game progressed. 

Hence, our ratings for the Brazilian for the second leg tie between Man City and PSG would be 6.5/10.

Mauro Icardi: 4/10

Mauro Icardi did nothing in the minutes he was given before being replaced by Moise Kean in the second half. Was not involved in the build-ups or ball rotations. A poor Champions League outing for Icardi earns him a 4/10 for our Man City vs PSG player ratings.

Subs: Julian Draxler: 5, Moise Kean: 6, Danilo Pereira: 6, Colin Dagba: 6.5, Mitchel Bakker: 6.5

Featured Image Credits: Getty Images

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