Manchester City vs Chelsea Player Ratings: Champions League Final 2021

The UEFA Champions League 20/21 comes to an end with Chelsea FC being crowned the champions of Europe. 

Thomas Tuchel didn’t let Guardiola’s men get into the danger zone for most of the game. It was a tactical battle, which The Blues won at the end of 90 minutes. 

Now let’s look at the player ratings for Manchester City vs Chelsea today:

Manchester City Player Ratings

Ederson: 6/10

Rushed out a little early against Kai Havertz which led to him conceding a goal. Was not in the correct position against Pulisic’s shot in the second half which could’ve been another goal had it been on target. 

Created one of the few good chances for Manchester City in the first half with a long ball into Raheem Sterling’s position. Sportco's player ratings for Ederson in the Manchester City vs Chelsea game today is a 6/10.

Kyle Walker: 5.5/10

Stood firm throughout the 90 minutes but was beaten by Mason Mount before he created the ball for Havertz for Chelsea’s first goal. Walker played decent in the first half but slowed down in the second. 

Ruben Dias: 5/10

The Portuguese looked a little confused in his positioning during the counter-attacks by Chelsea in the first half, could’ve done better. 

Overall a great first season for Ruben Dias but tough luck in the UCL finals. Hence, Sportco's player ratings for Ruben Dias in the Manchester City vs Chelsea game is a 5/10.

John Stones: 5/10

Was not involved much in the game, seemed unconfident whenever he was charged by Timo Werner. No threat during the corners in the attack for Manchester City. It was an off night for John Stones like most of the City players.

Oleksandr Zinchenko: 4/10

Zinchenko was not even half as good as he was in the semi-finals of the tournament. Didn’t have the aggressiveness in the attack, also didn’t mark Havertz during the first goal for Chelsea. Zinchenko also did not track back into defense very effectively. 

Our player ratings for Zinchenko in the Manchester City vs Chelsea game is a 4/10.

Ilkay Gundogan: 5/10

Fernandinho or Rodri could’ve been the start instead of the German but Guardiola had different plans. No creativity was seen in the attack and no heart was shown in defense as various counterattacks went through the center of Manchester City’s defense. 

Gundogan's player ratings for the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is an average 5/10.

Kevin De Bruyne: 6/10 

Did his part as long as he was on the pitch, left the pitch in tears after being blocked by Rudiger. It was a sad end to an amazing season of Kevin De Bruyne, we wish him a speedy recovery. 

Sportco's player ratings for De Bruyne in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 6/10.

Bernando Silva: 4.5/10

No inclusion in the attack, no presence in defense. It seemed like Bernando Silva was under too much pressure from the UCL finals.

Riyad Mahrez: 3.5/10 (Flop of the Match)

There was no impact in the attack by Riyad Mahrez as he was completely locked down by Chelsea defenders. 

Hence, our player ratings for Mahrez in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a poor 3.5/10.

Raheem Sterling: 4.5/10

Poor performance by the Englishman, adding another bad performance to his name this season. Reece James successfully managed to keep Sterling quiet. 

Phil Foden: 5/10

Played with his usual confidence but did not make an impact, was found open a couple of times in the attack but the shots were blocked by the Chelsea defense. Foden gets 5/10 player ratings for the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final.


Gabriel Jesus: 4/10, Fernandinho: 5/10, Sergio Aguero: 5.5/10

Chelsea FC Player Ratings

Edouard Mendy: 6.5/10

Eduardo Mendy was never tested throughout the 90 minutes but seemed composed. Caught crosses whenever one came his way. 

Reece James: 7/10

Incredible positioning in defense did not give any space from his side to the Manchester City attack. Reece James managed to stop all of Raheem Sterling’s efforts against him. The Chelsea defender was brilliant at his position. 

Sportco's player ratings for Reece James in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 7/10.

Cesar Azpilicueta: 7.5/10

Brilliant leadership from the Chelsea veteran played the last half of the game through an injury. Made important clearances and defensive plays. Good defensive positioning. 

Hence, our player ratings for the veteran Chelsea defender is a well-deserved 7.5/10 player ratings for the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final.

Thiago Silva: 6/10

Good communication in the defense as long as he played but got injured by the end of the first half. Jumped high in the air against Foden to win the ball but came down awkwardly. We hope Silva recovers fast.

Antonio Rudiger: 7.5/10

Amazing block in the first half against Phil Foden’s shot which could’ve easily ended at the back of the net. Rudiger was booked for a harsh block in the way of De Bruyne, which would see De Bruyne exiting the pitch. 

Sportco's player ratings for Rudiger's brilliant defensive display in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 7.5/10.

Ben Chilwell: 8/10

Chilwell showed why he has been amongst Tuchel’s favorites. No fear shown in the defense as he made important tackles and played good crosses in the attack. Also managed to keep Riyad Mahrez quiet for the whole game. 

Sportco's player ratings for Chilwell's masterclass at left-back in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is an 8/10.

Jorginho: 7/10

Jorginho rotated the ball well and maintained his position throughout the game. Did not make any major impact but did not commit any error either. Decent performance to get the job done. 

N’Golo Kante: 9/10 ⭐(Man Of the Match)

If engines were to be used in footballers, they still wouldn’t match N’Golo Kante’s stamina. He was his usual self throughout the 90 minutes as he would make important plays in the attack and tear down each of Manchester City’s attacks. 

Made numerous important interceptions tonight as he adds a Champions League trophy to his cabinet.

N'Golo Kante is a special player and he deserves all the praise that he has got this season. Sportco's player ratings for Kante's powerhouse performance in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 9/10. 

Mason Mount: 8/10

Mason Mount seemed ineffective in the attack most of the time but managed to play an outstanding pass, to beat all of Manchester City’s defense, into the foot of Kai Havertz which led to the opening goal. Decent performance and took his chance well. 

Sportco's player ratings for Mason Mount in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a well-deserved score of 8/10.

Kai Havertz: 8.5/10 ⚽ (Match-Winner)

Kai Havertz player ratings UCL Final
Kai Havertz scored his first UCL goal when it mattered the most. Image Credits:

The young German was a menace to Manchester City's defense in the opening half as he would burst into the attack with his pace and dribbling. Did well to get past Ederson to score the first goal. Did not make any errors tonight and gave a solid performance. 

Sportco's player ratings for Ruben Dias in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 6/10.

Timo Werner: 6/10

Werner seemed clumsy as he missed good chances in the first half to score goals. Fumbled the first chance through his legs and did not put enough power or placement in the second. The only positive was that he was tough to be marked but did not make much of it. 

Hence, Sportco's player ratings for Werner in the Manchester City vs Chelsea UCL Final is a 6/10.


Christensen: 7/10, Pulisic: 6/10, Mateo Kovacic: 6/10

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