Online Quizzes - Ease Lockdown Anxiety with Virtual Socializing

The lockdown restrictions for the past few months have had a huge impact on not just our physical but also our mental wellbeing. However, online quizzes have played a big role in these testing times to keep kids as well as adults entertained, and also helped them to effectively tackle stress and cope with lockdown boredom. 

People across all age groups have been keeping themselves busy by participating in virtual quizzes during the lockdown. Kids are making use of these platforms to sharpen their minds whereas adults are resorting to virtual quizzes to have fun and while away the hours in lockdown. 

Many of these quiz platforms have enabled participants to compete with their friends and family and have also added features to see and talk with other participants while answering the quiz questions. 

This way, participants can not just challenge their friends but also mock each others’ performances, thereby making the quiz an overall fun experience. 

Game of Scores is one such online platform that is enabling people to chill and have fun with friends and family even amid the pandemic outbreak. 

Game of Scores brings to you an interesting quiz platform that focuses on bringing people together and keeping them connected in these testing times. This quiz will premier on 24th July and will have no entry fees, no prizes, or leaderboards as we expect nothing and only intend to keep you entertained. 

From history buffs to ardent movie lovers, we have questions for each and every one. Our questions are both easy and fun as well as contextual and relevant to the present times. 

So, flex your mental muscles and challenge your friends and family for a game of virtual quiz now. There might be no winners or prizes, but a valuable experience in bonding with friends and family is definitely guaranteed.

Make your lockdown nights 100% more fun. Click here to know more about GOS quiz:

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