Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions

We are heading onto gameweek 4 in the Premier League after the international break with players looking to get back to their club duties for the weekend.  

Premier League will definitely have more than a few epic stories in the coming weekend, especially with the return of Ronaldo. Sportco brings you another exciting round of gameweek prediction in the premier league.

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

After the previous matchweek, Tottenham has remained the only team with a perfect record so far, sitting on top of the table. Crystal Palace seemed impressive against West Ham last game, even though they only got a draw. However, Tottenham have been a class apart this season and we expect them to get the victory with a scoreline: 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Crystal Palace 0-2 Tottenham 

Watford vs Wolves

Both the teams faced defeat in their last games, both losing with 1 goal as well. Wolves have not had the best start this season as they have faced defeat in all their games, we believe that Wolves will win their first game of this season against Watford. 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Watford 1-2 Wolves

Brentford vs Brighton

Brentford and Brighton have both been in decent form so far. Brentford’s dream entry into the Premier League should be bettered this match week with a victory over Brighton. 

They have shown good defense so far and the home side advantage will boost them up. We predict Brentford to get a 1 goal difference win over Brighton with a scoreline of.....

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Brentford 1-0 Brighton

Arsenal vs Norwich City

Arsenal has been having a nightmare of a start this season. They have faced defeats against Brentford, Chelsea, and Manchester City, all in humiliating fashion. Norwich has lost all their games so far as well. We predict Arsenal to finally get their first win of the season. 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Arsenal 2-0 Norwich City

Man United vs Newcastle

Manchester United has been the talk of the summer with their king, Cristiano Ronaldo, coming back home. It will hugely make a huge difference through the remainder of the season. 

Newcastle shouldn’t be a huge problem for the red devils and we will see Cristiano Ronaldo get minutes, whether he starts or comes on later. Does he score? He is likely to score in almost every game he plays so we will have to wait and see.  

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Man United 3-0 Newcastle

Southampton vs West Ham

Southampton is yet to win and West Ham is yet to lose so this would definitely be an exciting clash. Southampton will be looking forward to getting their first win at home this Saturday and West Ham will look towards continuing their amazing form in Premier League this season. We predict the final scoreline to be Southampton 0-1 West Ham.

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Southampton 1-3 West Ham

Leicester vs Man City

Leicester City acts almost like kryptonite to Man City’s defense. Manchester City has been better after their loss against Tottenham, they have made a decent turnaround, winning in an impressive fashion against Norwich and Arsenal. 

This is the most exciting game this weekend as Leicester vs Man City is always action-packed and one for the movie reels.   

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Leicester 0-1 Man City

Chelsea vs Aston Villa

The reigning champions of Europe failed to get a win against Liverpool last week but a penalty was the only reason they didn’t manage to secure all 3 points. 

Aston Villa drew against Brentford at home, we doubt it would be easy to defeat the Blues in Stamford Bridge. We predict Chelsea to win this game with the odd goal. 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa

Leeds United vs Liverpool          

Leeds United has not been as impressive as last season and it might be due to a couple of changes in the lineup. However, it is Marcelo Bielsa’s team we are talking about, they are never out of any game. 

Liverpool is the heavy favorite to win this game but Leeds won’t be pushovers especially in their own backyard. 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Leeds United 1-1 Liverpool

Everton vs Burnley 

Everton is also amongst the teams to have not lost so far and Burnley is amongst those who have not managed to win yet. To close out the match week, we will see Everton going against Burnley at home. This should be an easy victory for Everton if they continue to play how they have been. We predict the score to be Everton 2-0 Burnley. 

Premier League Gameweek 4 Predictions: Everton 2-1 Burnley

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