Premier League 2022/23 Prediction: Who are the early contenders for a top 4 finish?

There will be a tight rivalry for the Premier League trophy and a spot in the top four because most teams have bolstered their squads in the days leading up to the start of the 2022/23 Premier League season.

This article will evaluate the top four clubs that will compete for the Premier League this year.

Top Four Premier League Predictions 2022/23:

#4 Arsenal 

The Gunners have made some great signings this year and improved numerous positions, which was necessary given that Arsenal's front line lacked precision and they scored few goals. 

Since Aubameyang left for Barcelona and Eddie Nketiah's debut didn't do anything to aid the Gunners, they lacked a genuine striker who could convert the ball.

However, Arsenal has ameliorated the team this season by adding a new striker. The ex-City player highlighted what Arsenal's front line lacked in the preseason.

Arsenal lost the opportunity to qualify for the Champions League, but they won't make the same blunder this time around, as seen by their preseason performance, and they will also be competing for the Premier League and will aim to qualify for the Champions League.

#3 Tottenham

Tottenham may be a Premier League contender this year following an outstanding year in which they went from being the least favorite to making the Champions League and ultimately finishing in the top four, all owing to Antonio Conte, who made a dramatic recovery after being appointed.

Conte has received his preferred players in the transfer window, and now his team boosts a better squad that could challenge for the title this season. 

Following his arrival, results showed that the players had successfully assimilated to the former Inter Milan manager's philosophy and that Tottenham are now a legitimate top flight contenders.

#2 Manchester City

If Manchester City wins the upcoming season's Premier League, they will become the second team to win three Premier League titles in a row after Manchester United, and Pep and his squad can make this happen. 

They have an indomitable pedigree, and Manchester City are the obvious favorite. Guardiola has metamorphosized this club into an impregnable team. 

However, this time, Guardiola's foremost objective would be Champions League, as he is yet to deliver Manchester City their maiden Champions League trophy. 

#1 Liverpool  

Liverpool had the possibility to change the course of English football history as they were on the verge of winning the historic quadruple but ended the year with just Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

The Premier League should serve as their cornerstone this season as they must put the past behind them and concentrate on the current one. 

Their recent recruitment, which includes the likes of Darwin Nunez and Fabio Carvalho, who may propel the team to more trophies this season. 

Do you agree with our list? What are you Premier League Predictions for 2022-23 for the top 4 positions?

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