The most indisciplined sides in Premier League football

Football is a game about goals but what if teams were awarded on the basis of which team loved kicking their opponents the most? In the history of the Premier League, there have been teams where it’s not the goals or trophies that are the issue but discipline is. 

Playing against such a team is terrifying for players as they are completely unaware of the fact that they will not even realize before getting tackled and soon they’ll find themselves on the bench. The Premier League started in 1992 and 49 different teams have played in the league’s history but it will be interesting to find out the league’s biggest offenders and players if possible.

Sitting atop of the standings, Everton are the title-winners in terms of being the most indisciplined side in the league. They have racked up a total of 1,564 yellow cards, 141 second yellows and 245 straight red cards. However, Everton’s number of yellow cards isn’t the highest in the history of the league and the case is the same with the red cards too.

But it’s the 47 second yellows which make them the ultimate kings of not being disciplined. The team which is not that far from the top spot is Chelsea. Chelsea have a record for the most yellow cards and the count is 1,616 and the margin here is huge because the Gunners take the second spot with 1,567 yellows.

The honor of the maximum red cards goes to the Magpies, Newcastle United, who have a total of 54 straight reds. However, it still puts them on the seventh-place in the standings. Arsenal take the number three spot with rivals Spurs, taking the fourth. West Ham could finally grab a spot in the European Cups on the basis of these standings, as they take the fifth spot while Manchester United finish sixth again! 

Liverpool, as sad as it sounds are not even nearly close to the title again, as they take the tenth spot. However, it also proves this spot is much more important than being tenth by playing actual football.

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