Ex-Schalke player claimed 'dead' in 2016, alive and will be a witness in a fraud case

Former Schalke youth team player Hiannick Kamba, who was reported to be dead in 2016 in a car tragedy in DR Congo, has been found alive and well in Germany. His ex-wife is currently under investigation for insurance fraud after receiving a payout when he ‘died’.

Kamba, known as a right-back in the junior stages at Schalke and surprisingly comes from the same period when German skipper Manuel Neuer was finding his way through. 

However, Kamba’s career dipped and he ended up being a part of the eighth tier when his death was reported. Kamba returned to DR Congo, where he and his parents lived but as per newspaper Bild, he has been found living and working in the Ruhr urban area in western Germany.

Kamba, who is currently 33 years old was reported to be allegedly left stranded in DR Congo in 2016 when some ‘companions’ left him in the middle of the night without money, phone and documentation.

It is also reported that the ex-player also claimed his death as false to the German embassy in Kinshasa in 2018 and was eventually permitted to get back in Germany, where he works as a technician for an energy company.

It is said that Kamba himself will be a witness in the ongoing fraud investigation that involves his ex-wife, who got what has been described as a low but a six-figure sum from his life insurance policy after he was reported ‘dead’. Though, the ex-wife has clearly denied any wrongdoing and claims to have only learned of the policy after his death.

Reports also suggest that documentation confirming Kamba’s death may have been forged and that is something which could get the player’s ex-wife in huge trouble with a possible case that could cause bigger problems in the future.

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