How Qatar is preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022!

For the next two months, Qatar will host football’s biggest prize, and the country has already begun preparations to welcome the qualifying nations. 

Qatar is the first Arab nation to host FIFA World Cup 2022 and the second Asian country. 

The inauguration of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will start on 21 November, and the final will be played on 18 December. And during that period, Qatar will be the most happening country for football fans.  

This article will provide an overview of Qatar’s preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2022

For two months, millions of fans will go to Qatar, which, unlike Russia, is a small country with an area 1478 times smaller.

According to reports, the metro in Qatar is planned to carry over 1 million visitors during the event. To make it easier for supporters to get to the stadium, Qatar has linked each stadium to the country's Metro system.

There are eight stadiums, each with its own metro line, all of which are within a 55-kilometer radius of one another. It will also be the first World Cup to be environmentally benign, as the closeness of the sites will eliminate the need for air travel within the country.

For the first time, the FIFA World Cup is being held in November-December 

The FIFA World Cup will be held for the first time in the Northern Hemisphere winter months, from November to December.

The schedule, however, had drawn a lot of criticism since it may cause scheduling conflicts with domestic matches. FIFA, on the other hand, was certain about its plans to hold the tournament in Qatar.

The choice to hold the tournament during the Northern Hemisphere winter months was vital, as temperatures frequently surpass 30 degrees in June and July.

Even their domestic leagues are played from September to April due to intolerable heat after April, as their average temperature rises to around 92 F (33 C). 

Although the winter temperature in Qatar averages between 70-77F (21-25 C), compared to over 100 F (37 C) in the region’s summer.

Air-conditioned Football Stadiums:

There was just one stadium when Qatar was awarded the FIFA World Cup hosting rights for 2022 twelve years back, but today they have built eight stadiums.

The most startling feature of these stadiums is that they will all have air conditioning, with grills in the seats and nozzles on the pitch releasing cool air. Solar energy will aid in the cooling process.

Qatar is expected to provide 1,000 traditional tents for visiting fans!

Millions of fans are scheduled to flock to Qatar for football's biggest event. According to sources, 1.2 million people are expected to attend the November event. The organisers have also set up tents with running water, power, and drainage, but no air conditioning.

The tents will be located near the sealine, the country’s south, and near the dessert. However, fans will have options between choosing the residence in specially designated villages, apartments, villas, cabins, and two cruise ships.

And other hotels have already been pre-booked for referees, teams, and the press. 

Around 160 round-trip flights will be used daily from the other gulf countries to accommodate the traveling fans.

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