The 5 Best Rugby Teams Dominating the World in 2024

Rugby fans, get ready! 2024 has been thrilling, with some teams genuinely standing out and dominating the sport. These teams have shown incredible talent, intelligent strategies, and fierce determination on the field.

The 5 Best Rugby Teams Dominating the World in 2024
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This article will take a closer look at the five best rugby teams in the world right now. We’ll explore what makes them successful, highlight their key players, and see why they are the best in 2024. Let’s dive in!

New Zealand All Blacks

The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most famous rugby teams in history, and in 2024, they are still proving why. Known for their skill and determination, the All Blacks have bounced back after a challenging period before the 2023 Rugby World Cup. 

They defeated strong teams like Ireland and Argentina to reach the finals, showing everyone they’re still at the top of their game. Even though they lost a close match to South Africa in the final, they showed fantastic resilience and style.

One player who stands out is Will Jordan. Even though he's currently injured, Jordan matched the record for the most tries scored in a single Rugby World Cup in 2023, joining the ranks of legends like Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana. He's a versatile back who always finds a way to score and excite the fans.

The team is now led by a new head coach, Scott Robertson. He’s known for his fresh ideas and strong leadership, helping the All Blacks stay among the best. With a mix of experienced players and new talent, the All Blacks are set to keep thrilling fans and winning games. 

Expect them to continue being a significant force in rugby, much like the Queensland Maroons, who set the biggest state of origin score with a 52-6 win over New South Wales in 2015.

France National Rugby Union Team

France has always been a strong team in the rugby world, known for their talented players and great performances. In 2024, they continue to impress. Led by the dynamic Antoine Dupont, France was a major contender in the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Even though they lost a close match to South Africa in the quarter-finals, they showed they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Dupont has taken a break from the team to pursue an Olympic medal in the 7s format, but the team’s spirit is still strong. France had some ups and downs, like their 13-13 draw with Italy in the 2024 Six Nations, but they also had moments of brilliance. One of the highlights was winger Louis Bielle-Biarrey's excellent try against Scotland, where he showed incredible speed and skill.

France remains a team to watch, with a deep roster of talented players. They have the potential to shine in any match and are always a formidable opponent. Despite some challenges, France is still one of the best teams in the rugby world.

South Africa Springboks

The South African Springboks have made history by winning back-to-back Rugby World Cups, showing their incredible talent and determination. Their narrow victory over New Zealand in the 2023 final, decided by just one point, highlighted their ability to handle pressure and come out on top. Their close wins in the quarter-final and semi-final also showed their resilience and fighting spirit.

At the heart of the Springboks is their captain, Siya Kolisi. Known for his strong leadership and hard work, Kolisi has been critical to the team’s success. Playing for Racing 92, he inspires his teammates on and off the field. His leadership has been crucial in keeping the team motivated and focused.

In 2024, the Springboks have friendly matches against Wales, Ireland, and Portugal. These games will help them stay in top form and prepare for future competitions. The Springboks are expected to continue being a significant force in rugby, using their experienced players and strong teamwork to stay ahead.

With a mix of strategic play and physical strength, the Springboks are a tough team to beat. As they build on their successes and face new challenges, fans will be eager to see if they can keep their winning streak. With Siya Kolisi leading the way, the future looks promising for South African rugby.

Scotland National Rugby Union Team

Scotland had a tough challenge in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, facing strong teams like Ireland and South Africa in their pool. While they didn’t make it past the pool stage, they showed promise and improvement. In the 2024 Six Nations, Scotland has had mixed results, but they continue to secure essential wins.

Key players like Duhan van der Merwe and Finn Russell have been crucial for Scotland. With his incredible speed and agility, Van der Merwe has been a standout on the wing, breaking through defences and scoring tries. Finn Russell’s strategic playmaking and vision on the field have made a significant impact, helping to direct the game and create scoring opportunities.

These players have delivered memorable performances, especially in crucial matches. Van der Merwe’s impressive tries and Russell’s game-changing plays keep Scotland competitive in international rugby. Their ability to produce magical moments under pressure ensures that Scotland remains a strong team.

The future looks bright as Scotland continues to build on their strengths and develop their team. With talented players like van der Merwe and Russell leading the way, fans can look forward to more exciting performances and strong results from this determined team.

Ireland National Rugby Union Team

Ireland may have fallen short in the 2023 Rugby World Cup semi-finals, but they have rebounded impressively. In fact, under the leadership of Andy Farrell, Ireland delivered one of their best performances in the 2024 Six Nations. Their opening match against France, which many anticipated to be a tough contest, ended in a record-breaking victory for Ireland.

The team's consistent top-tier performance is a testament to Farrell's coaching and the players' dedication. With Farrell extending his tenure as head coach until the 2027 Rugby World Cup, Ireland's future looks bright. Their ability to dominate the field makes them a formidable opponent for any team.

Final Thoughts

These five teams—New Zealand, France, South Africa, Scotland, and Ireland—have set the standard in 2024, each demonstrating unique strengths and exceptional skill. As they continue to compete on the global stage, their performances entertain and inspire rugby enthusiasts worldwide.

Fans can expect more thrilling matches, outstanding individual performances, and strategic brilliance as these teams vie for supremacy. Stay tuned and keep following these teams as they redefine excellence in rugby.

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