5 Types of Bets You Can Place on Your Next Rugby Game

Rugby is an exhilarating contact sport that originated in England in the 19th century. To this day, the sport still retains its popularity in Western countries and is gaining ground across the globe. 

This 2023, the sport will hold its Rugby World Cup after four years, where top international teams will gather and play for the winning spot. The event will start from September 8 to October 28 in France. The games will also be held in nine venues across the country.  

As such, everyone is looking forward to this huge event. Other fans, however, are not just looking to spectate but also to bet. 

However, you might be wondering what bets you can place. Worry not! This article will explore the five types of bets you can consider making in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline bet is a popular sports betting wager you can see even in other sports. It's a straightforward bet that requires uncomplicated directions. All you have to do is select a team you think would win. So, if you think that Team Z has the best chance of winning the game over Team X, you should place the wagers before the games start.

However, some sportsbooks offer live betting where you can place and change your bets in real-time while the game is ongoing. If you're interested in live betting, ensure your sportsbook presents this segment, like how Betway offers it. Click to continue learning more about your options here.

Over/Under Bet

Over/under bet is also known as the totals market in other sportsbooks. It's the type of wager that focuses on the teams' scores, where you'll try to guess their combined score at the end of the game. The sportsbook will present their estimated total score, and it's up to the bettors to guess whether the actual final score is over the number the sportsbook presented or under that.

For instance, the sportsbook presented a "50" combined score. Then, you'll see an over/under category on its site. Then, you'll have to decide between over and under by clicking on your chosen number. 

If you guessed right, then a relatively reasonable sum of money will await you. However, if the game ends with the exact total as what the sportsbook presented, the bet will be considered a push, and your wager will be refunded. Not too bad, isn't it?

Handicap Bet

Handicap betting is also known as spread betting. This bet works closely with their odds, where teams will be given a handicap to even their winning chances. So, if a team is the favorite to win (simply called the favorite), they'll be given a handicap where they need to win more than their odds. 

For instance, if you bet on the favorite Team Z and they have -12 odds to win, then they need to win with 13 points or more for you to receive your payout. 

On the other hand, to win your underdog bet, they will only need to outright win the game over the favorite or only lose a little. This means that they need to lower the gap between the winning team for you to receive your payout. 

Future Bet

As its name suggests, the future bet is a type of wager where the betting market is open throughout the series or the season. This type of bet presents higher payouts than regular bets because of the risks it entails.

For instance, if you bet on the Rugby World Cup, which only takes place every four years, and bet on a team early in the series that did not make it to the event, you lose your money. You will not get a refund. If you enjoy these risks and lucrative rewards, the future bet may be the right wager for you!

Props Bet

Proposition bets or props bet is another type of wager that focuses on other game elements instead of the actual gameplay itself. It has a lot of betting types, and it varies by the sportsbook. It may also be interchangeable, and you can imagine any possible bets present in a props bet. 

It's considered a side bet by some bettors on top of other bets because of its lighthearted wagers, such as who might get the first warning, what team will be the MVP, or what team will receive the ball first.

Moreover, props bet has three general types: game props, player props, and team props. Here's a brief list you should look into to give you an idea of the usual props betting in rugby games.

  • First Try Scorer. Depending on the options, this type of prop bet may be a team or player prop. It dabbles on what team or player will try to score first. There are several variants of this bet. So, you can check with your sportsbook to learn more about your options.
  • Total Penalties Scored. As its name suggests, the total penalties score predicts the possible number of penalties scored by the team. This can either be made by both teams or by a single team.


  • More Tries or Penalties. This type of prop bet covers which team you think will have the most tries or penalties.

Remember that the offered prop bets will vary in each sportsbook and can change in every game. So, always coordinate with them and check their site before every game.

Final Thoughts

Rugby is a very enjoyable sport to watch, and you can further enjoy every game if you participate in placing bets. Moreover, learning about the possible wagers you can place will help you prepare for the Rugby World Cup and support the participating teams.

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