What is the meaning of Real Madrid’s famous tagline ‘Hala Madrid’?

Los Blancos are Football Royalty at both Spanish and Continental level.

The  two word phrase ‘Hala Madrid’ is plastered across everywhere both offline and online  whenever anything related to Real Madrid is being talked about but what is the significance behind this phrase all about ?

Real Madrid just like supporters of football clubs all around the world has the culture of making chants and songs that get the players and the rest of their comrades all pumped up. Real Madrid are no different, in fact them having one of the richest histories any club could have and an unmatched aura that surrounds not only the club but also the city itself means that everything they have touched ended up becoming iconic. So has their  2 word chant  which translated to English simply means  either  ‘Come on Madrid’ or ‘Go Madrid Go !’

What is the meaning of Real Madrid’s famous tagline ‘Hala Madrid’?
Credits - Real Madrid

The phrase has found a much bigger home in the modern footballing culture and is now nothing short of super word.  It can be used in every situation and is essentially the war cry which unites all Madristas around the world. They use Hala Madrid for anything from transfer announcements where every player greets their fans with those two words, farewell videos, songs documentaries and you know the weight of a word when it manages to force its way into common use lexicon and is interchangeably used with word such as Vamos.

.The catchphrase of Real Madrid has even found legitimacy in the digital world as #HalaMadrid is the universally agreed upon by Madrid fans as the something which unites Real Madrid fans around the world in the virtual as well as the real world

Cover Credits - Real Madrid Official 

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