Valorant New Agent Leak: New Agent's Name & abilities have been revealed

A very recent leak has given us insights into Valorant's newest Agent (Yoru) & their skillsets! In this article, we will give you details about the name, the abilities & all the latest details, which have been revealed in the leak.

Valorant is including a new agent to its game, and there are leaks on the internet which suggest that the character, dubbed Agent 14, will have skills which is all about mobility & misleading opponents. Since June 2020, when Valorant was launched, its fanbase has not been steady. Despite this, Riot has been giving players new things to look forward to. 

An FPS shooter like Valorant, is only interesting as long as the in-game content is constantly updated. This is exactly what Riot Games has been doing. In October, they introduced Act 3, which included a new map, battle passes & Skye, a new character. 

Now, Valorant players & fans are getting a sneak-peak into the newest character which will be introduced to Valorant by Riot Games. Until recently, the character was only called Agent 14, marking the number of playable character available. 

Now, after a Russian leak & a rough translation, we have come to know that the Agent's name is Yoru, and his skillsets will revolve around stealth & mobility. it seems that Yoru will be all about misdirection and confusing enemies.   

Valorant New Agent's skillset

New Agent Yoru has the ability to project soundtracks, which will confuse and mislead enemies to a different part. You can either direct it to the location you want, or pre-place it so be triggered. 

Another of skills of Yoru is the ability to place portals, through which he can travel to different locations of the map. This will surely be very useful to flank enemies. 

The ultimate ability of Yoru is truly remarkable. If the translation is correct, Yoru's ultimate will grant him invisibility and invulnerability from damage, which is a pretty massive advantage.

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